Oil Free Wellington Update April 2013

Welcome to the campaign to say NO to oil drilling in the Pegasus Basin.
Oil Free Wellington is protecting the Pegasus Basin and New Zealand coast lines and
the climate from deep sea oil drilling.

Update April 2013

Tena koutou,

Welcome to the campaign to say NO to oil drilling in the Pegasus

** Oil Free Wellington

Oil Free Wellington is protecting the Pegasus Basin and New Zealand coast lines and
the climate from deep sea oil drilling. Through building strong regional opposition
to deep sea oil drilling off our Coast, we will ensure that the Texan oil company
Anadarko relinquishes their permit before any well is drilled.

** Social and Placard Painting

We would love to meet you! There are so many people fired up about this issue, so
we thought we’d have a bit of a ‘do’ where we can meet up. It’ll also be arty – as
we need to paint 200 signs to get up around Wellington.

You are warmly invited to join us for some painting and socialising:
Tuesday 9th April
7:00 – 9:30 p.m.
19 Tory St
With drinks and nibbles

If possible, please bring a plate to share or a drink to share. Or if you have
access to them, please bring: paint brushes, corflute, paint, tarpaulins, old
sheets, rollers, or trays. But otherwise, just bring yourself.

We’ll have music and a brief powerpoint – but it will be a chilled out evening.

** Can you put up a placard for our BP Gulf Spill Anniversary Day of Action?

The 20th of April is the anniversary of the devastating BP spill off the Guld of
Mexico. It’s a timely occasion to highlight the risk of oil drilling we face off our
very own coast in Wellington and to show that we will not allow it to go ahead!

So, on the 20th April we’re planning a Day of Action, which anyone with a fence or
window can take part in! We want to get an Oil Free Wellington placard on 200 house
fences around Wellington on April 20th in a visual show of local opposition to
Anadarko’s plans.

It’s as simple as emailing us on oilfreewellington@gmail.com
(mailto:oilfreewellington@gmail.com) with your address to arrange a pick up or
delivery time, and then we ask that you send us a photo of you next to your placard
before or on the 20th so we can post them online.

Let’s get signs up on our fences, front lawns, and windows to show that
Wellingtonians are against deep sea oil drilling!

We’ll be in touch with collection times and will have a few collection points to
make it easy for you.

Of course, if you’d like to make your own placard at home, that’d be fantastic.

** Donate

Oil Free Wellington is a grassroots group; our only funding so far has come from
kind donations on our stalls. Right now, we need to buy paint, and web hosting. If
you are able to donate, please do. Every dollar helps.

Oil Free Wellington
Kiwibank account
38 9014 0627315 00

** Other ways to take action

This is going to be a big campaign. Here are some other ideas for how you can get
* Forward this email to friends and family and encourage them to subscribe.
* Write to newspapers (letters@dompost.co.nz (mailto:letters@dompost.co.nz) , and
editor@thewellingtonian.co.nz (mailto:editor@thewellingtonian.co.nz) ), post on your
blog, call radio.
* Volunteer your time. If you’d like to offer some time to the campaign, we would
love to hear from you. Examples include: maintaining the website, leaflet design,
helping distribute placards, running stalls. Email us on
oilfreewellington@gmail.com (mailto:oilfreewellington@gmail.com)
* Get involved in the organising group. We meet fortnightly, with working group
meetings on the alternate week. The best way to get involved is to start by
volunteering then come along to a meeting.
* Invite us to speak to your community group. This issue potentially affects
everyone in Wellington, so we’d love to come and chat about the issues with your

** The Threat to the Pegasus Basin

On the 11th of December 2012 oil giant Anadarko was granted exclusive right to
explore for petroleum in the Pegasus Basin, which lies southeast of Wellington. This
permit covers 4,272 square kilometres and lasts for five years. It is our
understanding that Anadarko intends to do their 2D seismic survey at the end of this
year. (They they want to do a 3D survey, and then test drill – but let’s stop them
before that!) Our beautiful Wellington coasts could be under threat from a large
oil spill, and our local and national economies further reliant on dirty fossil
fuels. This is not the future we want for Wellington/Poneke.

We look forward to working with you – and hope to see you on Tuesday 9th April,

on behalf of
Oil Free Welllington
oilfreewellington@gmail.com (mailto:oilfreewellington@gmail.com)

** Updates List

We will send out updates once a month on this list, filled with information,
campaign news, invites, and calls for action. Occasionally we'll send an extra
message too, when there's lots of action taking place.

** Contact Us

We'd love to hear from you, so if you've got some ideas, or want to offer a
particular skill etc, email us on oilfreewellington@gmail.com


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