Things that are not said by paid sycophants, second

The course of World War 1939-45 changed when Russia defeated Germany 1943. Then UK and USA sought Stalin's alliance. Also 1943 Washington maliciously caused Victor Kravchenko Soviet Diplomat to defect and publish anticommunist book I CHOSE FREEDOM

Things that are not said by the paid sycophants, second

Fernando García Izquierdo

My main purpose herein is to show how in our western society, or Free World, as it is also called, the subjects are made to swallow ideas and other prefabricated notions for the purpose of turning people into sheep and thus, perpetuating exploitation of the working classes, the people, by a minority of usurpers.
That is to say, the stuff we call history, written or otherwise communicated to subjects in relation to past events or today’s daily life (present or past struggles and revolutions, conquests, blows and blood and death) contains a good deal of lies. These lies, I want to emphasise, are fed to us very cleverly by agents of the evil hidden forces that control society.
Speaking metaphorically, the hidden forces order their paid writers to fabricate something that is a pack of lies, in order for us to ruminate, to ruminate over and over again, just as sheep are supplied with their fodder by farmers. Lies that we are made to swallow from childhood onwards, wherever we live, wherever we go in the so-called Free World.
It is time, I believe, to start “rewriting THAT history”, cleaning up those books, monuments, archives etc.; rewriting (remaking) those fraudulent texts, and other pernicious material. All rubbish!
Without this cleaning, without the existence of honest writers (and others) ready to point out this FRAUD, we shall become less and less rational, this is obvious, and therefore (metaphorcally) fantastically like sheep. They say we are rational-animals, and as BEINGS belonging both to the rational species and the animal species, we act by using both reason and instinct. It is in the interest of the usurpers of power that we should use only instinct. That we don’t think!
This is so evident that it hits you in the eye. Exploitation, profit-maximising, obedience, loyalty to capital. All this is capitalism-imperialism. Fascism is a step forward: transformation of reading public into sheep. To obey the master!

THEIR purpose is to deceive.
In a previous chapter I stated that the aim of these lusty gobblers, the hidden forces that control our society, is to formate “people”. Their purpose in writing their stuff, producing their rubbish, is to make us swallow the lie. With their lies they make accept their morals and their laws: to deceive, in order to maintain their unjustified privileges.
Giving the president of the United States, as an example of gobbler (it is clear that Mister Trump is one of THEM), we are these days seeing how he uses his power. ‘¡Mío, mío, mío! The world is his private property. He will utilise the ultimate weapon in order to destroy his enemies anywhere, his enemies being those who will stop him from maintaining his privileges, multiplying his benefits. Formerly Americans of his sort called this mad composition: “defending our backyard”, i.e., defending it against communism. Korea, Vietnam, Malay, etc.

And we say that America is a democracy. How come? This is how: firstly, we are adapted (our brain is adapted) to thinking that what we see in ‘our world’ the only democracy that is possible; secondly, the ruin that surrounds us (ruined industrial towns and cities) is not seen as what it is, a mad world. We are convinced because that is normal by the official propaganda also eyrrounding us.

How did this horror come about?
Ever since communism became a world power, in the sense given to the term ‘world power’ by the Manifesto of 1847, COMMUNISM became for the rich the thing to destroy, ‘la force à abattre’ rapidly and by any means.
During the War of Spain (1936-1939) the rebel generals and commanders at the front despatched one another messages to the effect that “they must not mind the slowness of the fascist advance (“no preocuparse por la demora en el avance”) because the important thing was to clear the land of communists as the fascists advanced (“lo importante es ir limpiando pueblos y ciudades del virus marxista”.) And as important an aim for fascism is to clear the land of communists, as it is for the hidden forces of capitalism-imperialism.

World War II
During the first three or four years of the war, the capitalist-imperialists hoped, it seems to me, that Hitler and Mussolini would put an end to communism and from 1939 to 1942 the Nazis, after wiping out our kind of democracy from western Europe, and installing fascism in France, with Marshall Pétain as President, directed their attack almost entirely against the Soviet Union.
Of course the United Kingdom, which Hitler did not invade, was still officially at war, there was the Battle of Britain in the air, and then warring in Africa. All this, however, was nothing compared with the Soviet’s “Great Patriotic War” against the combined forces of German nazism and national fascisms elsewhere. Let us remember that the Soviet Union had forty million dead during the war.
Then came the Battle of Stalingrad, when communism defeated nazism-fascism in the battlefield. Divisions after divisions of Nazi Germany were smashed by the Soviet army, preventing the German nazis from crossing the River Volga. If Nazi Germany had crossed that river, Asia and the Middle East, and Africa (with Italian fascists helping Germany) would have been conquered by Reaction.

The U.K. and U.S. sought the alliance of the communists.
In 1943, after the Soviet victory, Churchill and Roosevelt sought Stalin’s friendship and entered with him into alliance, the three powers now found a common cause and devoted all their efforts to ending and winning the war.
Years later there was the Cold War, communism became once again the enemy, was identified as an obstacle to the kind of democracy and progress sought by London, etc. However, for a short time, capitalism fear fascism and sought the help of communism. (It has always been the same: today, even bankers appeal to the working masses not to vote for fascism because finance needs freedom to practice all their games, maximise and multiply profits.)
In 1943, then, there was formal alliance against nazism-fascism, as we have said. Not much has been registered in the public mind about this alliance. I started my law studies shortly after, and remember the Madrid newspapers wrote about this only years after it happened.) I was a student of political thought. The fascist government (Franco’s) kept in power by Churchill et al (at Potsdam 1945) had always thought that Tehran1943 had been its ruin.

Far from it, Franco never fell.
The reader can peruse the transcripts of the Tehran, Yalta and Potsdam conferences. The representatives of the two western allies appeared to respect Stalin, then. In reality, there were forces behind these weatern politicians that, from the very beginning, were thinking of betraying him (Stalin) and spit forth death on the less developed nations, as soon as Germany, Italy and Japan had been defeated; then, communism once more became the enemy and colonialism was to be continued, the West betrayinng the promise of jointly fighting for the liberation of Mankind. No matter how amicably the three allies met to discuss such important matters as the winding up of the war, the reconstruction of a devastated Europe, the recostitution of poorer contries in other continents, such important “heroes” as Truman, Churchill, Atlee, De Gaulle did not do anything practically to fulfil their obbligations vis-à-vis the peoples of the WORLD. We all were going to be so happy, such a strong Europe, the Europeans all working together, and with the rest of the world.

But for a time, Stalin was our allied.

Reverting to 1943, Roosevelt became such a pal of Stalin! He was a very sick man, as people knew he was, even then. There is a report, which I have read of a discussion between Roosevelt and Churchill on the subject of Stalin.
The three allies were in Yalta (Soviet Union), and the Soviets had made available for the purpose the greatest palace in the peninsula (Crimea.) The American accepted and spoke wonders afterwards. Churchill refused.
America and Russia at last allied.
And yet, simultaneously CIA and FBI agents were already working to demolish Soviet communism, as we shall show in the following paragraphs..
For that same year of 1943, in Washington, USA, a Soviet citizen, meant to be a liaison-officer, was subverted, bought by the United States government. The purpose was to make him betray his fatherland, the Soviet Union.
The reader probably knows that in the history of the Soviet Union there was a problem called ESCAPISM. The country had come out of the slavery represented by Czarism and domination of the people (not only land and capital) by a few.
Like the rest of Europe, Russia had been devastated during the war. The phenomenon of escapism became one of the biggest problems communism had to deal with. That a substantial number of scientists, artists and others ran away, mainly acquired by immensely rich America, traitors in a way blinded by the glitter of gold and the promise of vulgar success, was ruinous for a country (several countries, then) trying to build a more rational and just system of society.

A book! I Chose Freedom.
Victor Kravchenko, born in 1905 in eastern Ukraine, the son of a working family, had received a good state education, became an engineer and a member of the communist party. When the Germans invaded the Soviet Union and occupied and subverted sections of the country, he joined the Soviet army as a volunteer, at the age of thirty-six.
In general, apart from the French Resistance, constituted mainly by communists, it was the Soviet army that resisted the brunt of the fascist attack, and soldier Kravchenko distinguished himself on the battlefield, was promoted captain and hero of the Soviet Union. He fought for almost three years.
He was sent to Washington, as a liaison officer.
And from the very moment of his arrival in America, he was the subject of surveillance by American agents (I forgot whether CIA or FBI) waiting for the moment, like the terrifying wolf of the story, to jump on him and subvert him.
The encounter took place in a secret avenue, and they took him to Canada; for it would not have been well seen, United States and the Soviet Union being allies, if he had been subverted on American soil.
In Ottawa the USA embassy received the escapee. He was secretly lodged in a small hotel, so secretly that neither Mrs. Kravchenko nor their children, who lived in Ukraine, got to get the slightest news.
Sometime later, Victor Kravchenko was secretly transferred to the United States.
I don’t remember what he did or where he lived thereafter. Probably all was shrouded in mystery for a while. Anyhow, I personally learned about him, and about his life, like all the big boys of Madrid at the time, a little bit later on, and at once he became my hero. We all also dreamed of being able to escape one day to glorious USA, América!

A Hollywood film.
Our Victor became very famous and wealthy in the Free World. He came to the light of day as the author of a bestseller almost at once, perhaps the greatest bestselling book of all times: I CHOSE FREEDOM.
I read the book, as almost everybody, I should say, save perhaps the Soviet Union and Satellites. It was prepared ‘ab initio’ to be a great piece of anticommunist propaganda in the big wide world, For it was at once translated into almost every language. The beginning reads (as far as I remember) like a Gorki novel. A description, in general terms, of the life of a child in a very poor country; the author tries to ignore, however, that the country is engaged in the struggle for socialism, a new system of society, being built to attain a better distribution of the fruits of the earth and of human labour; and which was already giving some results, as proved by his own personal history. He was, in his town of the Donnets a pupil at a Craft School, himself the son of a tradesman member of the communist party since the aborted revolution of 1905.

The bestselling book, if you go on, becomes a bit boring and one can trace the hand of CIA agents, who obviously had to control what “the author” was producing. I repeat, it was a propaganda instrument, and one can see (reading on) the insistence of the editor, or whoever, of emphasising all those things and those ideas which capitalism-imperialism wanted the book to point out. I had been bombarded with anticommunist propaganda all my life by the fascist authorities in Spain.
I also went to see the film YO ESCOGÍ LA LIBERTAD, as nearly everybody saw it in Spain and I now remember the Ukrainian hero was impersonated by Dana Andrews,one of the best actors of the time.
But there is no good fortune that doesn’t end one day. From the pinnacle of glory, he fell into an inferno of doubt and regret. And he was persecuted, to boot; persecuted this time in the Free World.
He had become famous the world over, save behind the Iron Curtain. A wealthy man on the way to becoming wealthier. And then! Falling off a cliff. His wife had refused to follow him into exile, or maybe the authorities didn’t give her a passport and exit visa. His children were cut off from him. He married again, an American citizen. It didn’t help.
Kravchenko became a liability, according to the forces that had previously pampered him. He was in a permanent nervous breakdown. For him, nothing worked any more. Those patronising him a year before avoided him now; if they met, they no longer called him ‘Victor’ or ‘dear Victor’, or ‘Vick’. He became “Mr. Kravchenko”, in a rather inimical tone. The depression accentuated. He began to dabble in drugs.
As he was universally recognised as a successful writer, one of the greatest bestsellers of all times, he thought he would write a second book (a novel, I think, but I’m not sure.) This new work was as unsuccessful as I CHOSE FREEDOM had been a success. Moreover the American secret service bureaux (one of them) took exception to this second book, and we all know what happens when an author is put on official black lists.
He did not travel much from then on, and certainly not to Ukraine, where I imagine he would have been judged and sent to Siberia, or perhaps worse. Stalin (we all know) finished with those who betrayed the working class. In brief, our man missed home, but could not return to Ukraine, crossing the Iron Curtain.
Still worse, he began to repent of what he had done, betraying the fatherland, began to speak evil of capitalism, and began to have further trouble with ‘freeworld’ authorities, the more so as in his strolls along the populous Fifth Avenue, where his outings took place, he was seen engaging in conversation with ordinary people, saying right and left that they had cheated him, the American secret services and other forces. “I didn’t want to do it!” sort-of-thing.
He became a victim of the most terrible organisation known in America: the
Official Committee of Unamerican Activities!! No less.
The reader perhaps knows this Committee was headed by the universally feared Senator McCarthy, to which committee many distinguished Senators belonged, including the powerful (to become) Richard Nixon, later known as Tricky Dick.
He was (Victor Kravchenko) a dead man walking. His life became an inferno, internally, externally. And yet he hung about for some time, always despondent, always ill, always fleeing from his own shadow. Until he became an escapee once more. Running away all the time, until he landed in the very same hotel in Toronto, Canada, where they first placed him (in 1943) and where he died. There were at the time three theories about the causes for this premature death.
At the beginning it was said he had committed suicide; another theory is that he was a wreck of a man, and after so many misadventures death naturally followed. There are however those that contend that the American secret services ended up murdering him as they had done with many enemies and uncomfortable friends.
In Spain we used to say, he had been given “la puntilla”, as the bulls in the ring.. He had become a troublesome person. I know very well how powerful America despatched then those that, having humbly served her (capitalism-imperialism), no longer were useful, a superfluity, a liability. They pursue you to the end.
Poor Vick, a dead man walking, almost from that day in 1943, when he first set his foot in Washington, capital of world imperialism, sent by the Soviet Union.

Those that have SEEN and analysed events
As I have said before, those of my generation who lived and grew up in the Free World, including fascist Spain, admired the man that wanted to be free. They have been legion. Remember the ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev? Well, multiply the figure by nine hundred. Imagine the loss for the Soviet Union.
Victor Kravchenko was the first of these escapees.
To say nothing of the financial difficulties that the Free World started to impose on the “new social system”, especially with the Solemn Mass of Capitalism-Imperialism in Bretton Woods (1944). When the war was still raging, the hidden forces (in 1943) were concocting a situation where a Soviet communist would “choose freedom’, to utilise the story. We read the story, saw the film of Victor Kravchenko-Dana Andrews, etc.
None of us ever learned about ‘la suite’, what happened to the hero in the life that followed. Not a word.

Another important detail.
If I have written ‘in extenso’ about this man it is because all the boys of the western world, including Spain where I lived, adored him as the example to follow. All I know about him (save the way he died) I learned then, just as the war was ending.
Also, I was now moved to write about the man because, in my opinion, the existence of this man, his life and death prove the hypocrisy, the immense wickedness of American imperialism. I shall explain this:
During the first three or four years of the second world war, little was done to contain fascism-nazism compared with the fight (against those evil forces) by the Soviet. Personally I think (and there is evidence of this) that what we now call the Free World was watching expectantly, as I have said before, as Hitler was tentatively clearing the world of communists, as Franco had done in Spain.
In 1942-1943, the Soviet Union forces smashed the nazi armies of the east, and Roosevelt and Churchill immediately sought the friendship of Stalin, full collaboration with communism. In other words, the United States, the United Kingdom and the Soviet Union became allied partners.
An alliance, ready to work together in a most important historical mission, which was to put an end to fascism-nazism, bringing peace to the world and working for the happiness (betterment of conditions) of all the inhabitants of the planet.
Thus, their first meeting (Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin) took place at Tehran, on November 28, 1943.
It commenced as follows: “We are gathered here for one purpose,” said Franklin D. Roosevelt, President of the United States of America, “for the purpose of winning the war as soon as possible… our three nations, which united in the course of the present war, will strengthen their ties and will create the prerequisites for the close co-operation of future generations… etc., etc., etc.”
However, some diabolical hidden forces in the American nation were acting to destroy communism, as I have tried to demonstrate hereinabove in the few lines about the first man THAT CHOSE FREEDOM.
(to be continued)


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