"The List" of fbi/via atrocities


" The List " of fbi and cia atrocities below are recorded by two of their victims. New Zealand Indymedia blocks publication; this is my second effort to publish "The List".

Clever, Devious Comey & Congress

The report below is written by my very best friend on earth (aside from my beloved wife) the splendid BARBARA HARTWELL. As a preface, note that the fbi and the cia are the most egregious violators of human, civil and constitutional rights in the world. Plus, the fbi engages in extensive and criminal acts against political targets, even as the director of the fbi (James Comey) cleverly puts on a front of quasi respectability. He appears before congress today, for example, and claims how much he loves his work of protecting children from abuse.

Of course, we all support the protection of children, but that is not the concept that Comey seeks to impart. Not at all, for he knows that no one can object to his statement regarding children and that by invoking the concept of ‘save the children’ he gives himself the green light to thereby cover up or obscure his (and the fbi’s) ongoing atrocities against adults and children. Shame on Comey and anyone who buys into the tricks from the pathological liar, Comey.

After he caused Miss Hillary to lose the election against Mr. Trump, the congress and others would like to address Comey’s offenses including tampering with election. He will not cooperate. He simply comes on TV, before congress and the world and addresses points that avoid mention of his own devious crimes. Congress helps him to achieve his true unethical purpose, and he hides his crimes behind the smoke screen banner of “protect the children”.

Instead of spending $50 million to silence me (a failed effort) Comey’s fbi could better serve the children by allocating that money for their urgent needs.

Below is the list from BARBARA HARTWELL that succinctly describes some offenses by Comey, the fbi , the cia et al. For other crimes by fbi see my affidavits 2007 and 2014 and my thousands of posts and WRIT online.

Excerpt From: http://barbarahartwellvscia.blogspot.com/2017/05/the-list-criminal-conspiracy-of_3.html

THE LIST: A Criminal Conspiracy of Aggression


-SWAT team assaults against colleagues investigating a case

-Black helicopters deployed to harass Target when exiting residence, and to hover over the Target's home, especially when Target is on the phone

-Military fighter jets deployed to fly low (violating FAA regs) over a house where Target is staying

-Mail tampering/theft

-Vandalism: cars, computers, Target's property (indoors and outdoors)

-Placing dead animals on Target's doorstep

-Hotel rooms tossed

-Death threats: by phone, e-mail or in person

-Assassination attempts via arranged 'accidents'; by poison, drugs, toxic fumes; by DEW

-Synthetic kidney stones

-Implants in teeth by dentists

-Injection of bacterial/viral infection

-Target forced to move from place to place, due to harassment, financial reasons, vandalism, assaults

-Stationing teams of agents in 'empty' house across the street, each time the Target is forced to move, for constant surveillance, harassment

-Assaults with directed energy weapons, causing sleep deprivation, various forms of chronic illness, eventually may cause Target to lose hearing, or vision

-Invasions of privacy: publish private, unlisted street address, telephone number, photos of Target's house

-Soliciting crimes against Target at his residence, using above tactic

-Stalking, on foot, by vehicle, cyber-stalking by e-mail

-Harassment by e-mail & telephone

-Home invasions, burglary, especially theft of important personal items, documents

-Theft of documents, especially those which serve as evidence for Target's legal case

-Extreme provocations intended to push the Target to respond in self-defense, the purpose to arrest the Target for 'assault'

-Stalking and harassment in malls, library, restaurants, movie theaters, churches

-Mail tampering/theft

-Harassment by neighbors, using loud noises, vandalism, snooping, attempts at provocation

-Sending the same operatives, over years, to stalk, harass, assault, attempt to provoke the Target; operatives may be 'neighbors' who follow the Target wherever he goes

-Child pornography images hacked into Target's phone

-Obscene graffiti on Target's property

-Publishing pornographic filth in connection with Target's name

-False accusations that Target is involved in child pornography, human trafficking, etc.

-Medical/dental malpractice with intent to harm/kill Target

-Fraudulent medical reports, claiming Target is “paranoid” and “delusional”, especially by unqualified practitioners

-Target harassed in home by visits from federal agents/police for fishing expedition and/or attempts at intimidation

-Phone calls, e-mails, letters to family/friends/colleagues of Target, slandering and making false claims, impugning the Target's sanity, character assassination

-Messages sent to Target encouraging him to commit suicide

-Labeling Target as 'murderer' or 'mass murderer' in public forum, connecting the false accusations with the Target's military service


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