Crimes Compounded By fbi and USPI


This report is a continuous exercise for four years in order to obtain evidence from USPI in order to indict USPI, Knipfing, Rodriguez and their fbi buddies for high crimes enumerated in many of my documentaries.

Crimes Compounded By fbi and USPI

Four years ago the fbi thugs send their corrupt friends and criminals in USPI and Texas DPS to fraudulently threaten and harass me and my wife in my home and in my face. Since then, USPI, Knipfing et al., refuse to honor my foia requests which I submit regularly.

I expect the Knipfing report, in the context of the fbi's torture & attempted murder program against me, to reveal crimes by the USPS, USPI, Knipfing and Rodriguez,  the fbi terrorists et al. I intend to publish the Knipfing report in its entirety. Knipfing and Rodriguez threatened me (impliedly) with arrest and imprisonment if I continue my reports against the fbi and the USPS/USPI.

Congress is aware of the postal  crimes committed by USPI and fbi against me which I have proven by evidence online. Today, I await a response from USPI to my recent request for foia compliance.  Of course, even if they comply the USPI is forever remembered as sycophants of fbi assassins,  and the USPS image is tarnished. 



See also my sworn affidavits 2007 and 2014 online and a few of my reports of mail theft by fbi and insults from thugs of USPI here:


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