Helsinki recognizes Crimes By USA Government


This report reflects the ever increasing awareness of world leaders regarding the 'worse than Nazi ' threats against humanity by fbi et al.

Helsinki recognizes Crimes By USA Government

This report reflects the ever increasing awareness of world leaders regarding the 'worse than Nazi ' threats against humanity by fbi et al.

Notice to all People & nations:

The following records include all USA prisoners, including my estimate of one million persons who are unlawfully and inhumanely imprisoned in their own bodies & homes by fbi/cia DEW (DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONRY):

2.2 probation/parole
4.7 in jail

The world takes notice of the USA new Reich that threatens all nations (see Indymedia link below).

Wide spread abuses of the fbi's CJS truly turns this nation today (& the world tommorrow) into a police state-killing field, ending lives, careers and sanity of millions of its victims.

One in 31 adults in America is in prison or jail, or on probation or parole.  Twenty-five years ago, the rate was 1 in 77.

One must realize that intelligent people everywhere are appalled at the brazen criminality of USA's fbi/cia/police/dod et al.

Helsinki Finland human rights figures and others globally send the *following subliminal messages to fbi/cia et al., to remind all people of the Gestapo type Reich which the USA now criminally imposes on the world.

Note below in Article seven the broken  promises made by USA at the Declaration in Helsinki.


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Article VII.
"Respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms, including the freedom of thought, conscience, religion or belief."

The Helsinki Accords, Hall of Helsinki, Finland, August 1, 1975, thirty-five states, including the USA, Canada, and most European states.

The fbi and police are on a crime spree against the people which is unprecedented in human affairs and includes a completely outrageous, secret and atrocious new CJS especially formulated by fbi psychopaths:

Note regarding "subliminal': part 19 in above site meter image shows crimes committed against me by fbi/police;
The subsequent link reflects my work as a lawyer with /supremecourt.


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