Crimes By USA Intelligence Community Define This Nation


The global atrocities committed by fbi and cia leave a permanent, sick imprint on the history of civilization and on the recorded character of all who serve this twisted nation.

To all who serve without repent the sick, twisted agenda of the United States of America, including doctors from all fields and all branches & departments of government, I serve notice that you are knowledgeable of and to a degree participate in *crimes against humanity ongoing now globally by USA intelligence community.

***As such you, each and every one, individually, are recorded as principal in and accessories to torture, mass murder, false imprisonment, forced suicide and other high crimes including treason.*

Further, as your families are generally unaware of your mental illness as homicidal and sadistic psychopaths, they may share the rewards associated with your crimes today, but history may imprint a question mark in the description of the family morality which is in the end shaped by you.



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