Violence, II


This report replaces one which was hacked by fbi; that post is located here:


No one, except the violent, likes violence.

The most dangerous thugs among us are those who
1)thrive on violence
2) who were victims of violence
3) who take sadistic delight in violence
4) who kill for sport
5) homicidal psychopaths
6) most in fbi,cia,police,dod and their kind everywhere
7) others who are indoctrinated in violence.
A subtle form of violence is psychological provocation. The fbi, cia, dod, police et al., are experts in the art of physical and psychological provocations. See my reports on 'gaslighting', and attacks or assaults on me by 1)University of Texas cops and fbi operative Alonzo Yanez 2) cop Adrian Posada 3) USPI Knifing & Texas DPS Rodriguez, and many others at the direction of the fbi for 35 years.The goal of the violent person or fbi/cop is to kill or incapacitate their prey. Incarceration in prison or mental hospital will do just fine for fbi.


Just today the fbi again sends a pathetic thug into the public library to continue aggressive assaults on me. I consider these operatives and their fbi handlers as exemplary of today's living dead (LD) For those not acquainted with the LD as violent human monsters among us, use imagination as one reads the data below.
A message to torturers, murderers, calumniators and their supporters
The Disease of Violence
Publication Details Gary Slutkin, M.D. The University of Illinois at Chicago "Violence is a contagious disease. It meets the definitions of a disease and of being contagious..."
Living Dead

I find in my experiences with the fbi assassins that their sickness expands and spreads exponentially from the fbi and their operatives to all others infected by fbi everywhere I go, even abundantly where I reside.I view them all as LD.

So, be assured ladies that your heros, friends, lovers, gardeners, doctors, lawyers, et al. may be easily converted into violent, blood thirsty beasts similar to those in fbi and police throughout our society.The Living Dead phenomena is real life drama in this twisted nation touted by controlled media as land of the free. [[{"type":"media","view_mode":"drupalimc_large","fid":"14089","attributes":{"alt":"","class":"media-image","typeof":"foaf:Image"}}]]


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