To torturers, murderers, calumniators and their supporters: stop your madness for God's sake.


This post asks for a show of sanity from all, but I suspect no response except perhaps more of the same barbarism that cripples man's heart.

Geral Sosbee

To torturers, murderers, calumniators and their supporters: stop your madness for God's sake.

I sometimes wonder why religious leaders
(E.G. Christianity, Islam, Hinduism , Buddhism, Sikhism, Judaism, etc)
** do not publicly teach these apparent truths:**

that the inhumanity shown by many in our species (i.e., the torture and killing of one another) is apparently an unavoidable part of social creatures;

that the same demented and disturbed mindset of those who tortured Jesus (for example) by extensive, sadistic and abominable attacks ...

...exist today in abundance as exemplified in the crimes and atrocities committed by our very own fbi/cia/nsa/police/soldiers.

** Our leaders even in houses and temples of worship do not speak of gross wickedness in man because too many in our population are afflicted with the drive (sometime by employment) to torture, imprison and murder others. The truth is that way too many such evil and murderous psychopaths exist, especially in government service globally, and that they with assistance from controlled media infect many (perhaps most) in the general population with their own cruel barbarity.**

See modern day examples of man's gross inhumanity to man in my reports online where I detail extreme physical and psychological torture and attempts on my life by fbi et al.
One example is found in my reports that the fbi elaborately tortures the Target of fbi's vendetta, watches him suffer in real time and also records the forced final exit for future reference.

So, we all must examine the bases for man's barbarity toward fellow man, if ever civility be achieved in our kind.

Some thinkers speculate that
"The healthy man does not torture others - generally it is the tortured who turn into torturers." Carl Jung

Other writers suggest that men are instinctively inhuman and evil, as evidenced by their torturing and murdering other human beings.

I find that the violent temperament of government torturers/murderers spreads like a disease into all of society at will and en queue.

Whatever be the genesis for man's abject depravity, I perceive the urgent need to address it openly and candidly. Otherwise a terrible dilemma continues to plague our global village.

After all, most men can endure and tolerate only so much incivility and Inhumanity.

Some of my papers on topic are below: - Former Professor Geral Sosbee (attorney)

Thank you and may Providence give aid, comfort and blessing to all who suffer and die at the murderous hands of fbi/cia torturers (and their kind) everywhere. 


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