An email exchange between Lord Palmer and Elizabeth Morley regarding LibDem MP David Ward

Attacks on David Ward MP continue.

Lord Palmer:
Sunday, 17 March 2013
“David Ward made very inappropriate comments as he signed a Holocaust Memorial Book. Can anyone think of a more crass moment to say the JEWS should have learnt lesson from The Holocaust. Firstly he said Jews not Israelis which are not the same. Secondly to compare actions of Israel which he disapproves of with the Nazi death camps is responsible[sic] and offensive.
I lost a grandmother in the Holocaust. I lost an uncle as a British soldier in 1st World war. My late father served in British Army in 2nd World War. What does Ms Morley and others believe I should have learnt. I was deeply hurt by Mr Ward’s comments. I await his apology.
Ms Morley and others criticise Israel; that is their democratic right even if they are wrong. It would just seem less ‘anti-Jewish’ if they criticized killings and murders in other parts of the world.
I do not normally reply to Morley missives but in this case I hope other recipients will note my comments as well.
Lord Palmer of Childs Hill”

Elizabeth Morley:
Monday, 18 March 2013
“Dear Lord Palmer,
David Ward said "Jews" because he meant Jews. He couldn't have said "Israelis" because when the expulsions began, from February 1947 onwards, there was no Israel as yet.
Since you have listed the Holocaust victims in your family, I will list mine: my maternal great-grandmother and great-uncles, aunts. My paternal grandparents and sundry other relatives on my father's side. My father ended up going to Palestine on his own after failing to persuade the mother of his under-age sweetheart (my mother) to let her and the baby go with him. I like to think that he learned from the Holocaust. I like to think that he did not kill or expel any Palestinians. I think that when David Ward made those comments he was thinking of people like my father, European Jews who went to Palestine immediately after the Holocaust. Perhaps that is why I didn't find David Ward's comments crass or inappropriate and why I do not expect an apology from him.
I do criticise killings and murders in other parts of the world, even when they are perpetrated by our own country. Do you? But the reason I complain most about Palestine is because of the double standards in HMG's Middle East policy. I see the Palestine problem as the biggest danger to world peace. Our government's duplicity over Palestine ever since the Balfour Declaration only exacerbates the tension and suspicion, the anger and frustration of the Palestinians.
Yours sincerely,
Elizabeth Morley.”

In his 17 March reply to Elizabeth Morley Lord Palmer referred to critics of Israel's conduct, saying: “It would just seem less ‘anti-Jewish’ if they criticised killings and murders in other parts of the world.” Israel is founded upon an ideology that claims to speak for the Jewish people. For Lord Palmer, criticism of Israel's killings and murders, even when that condemnation comes from Jews themselves, is apparently somehow “anti-Jewish”. The fact is that ethnic cleansing and population transfer are war crimes, no matter who commits them. One of the techniques of Zionist hasbara is to divert attention from Israel and Lord Palmer offered no evidence that Israel's critics fail also to condemn the atrocities committed by other states.
Referring to the death of his grandmother as a result of the Holocaust and to his father's service in the Second World War, Lord Palmer asked: “What does Ms Morley and others believe I should have learnt.”
I would like to offer my own reply to that. It seems that with the aid of Israel's powerful allies, the lessons learned in the painful winning of the Geneva Conventions are being set aside for Israel's sake. I respectfully suggest to His Lordship that he revisit the various relevant provisions of the Fourth Geneva Convention and other aspects of international law that Israel, with impunity, contravenes. If Lord Palmer doubts that Israel should be subject to sanctions, let him refute even one paragraph of either of two books written, from first-hand experience, by Jews. One is by an Israeli Jew, which gives a personal and authoritative insight into Zionism and what it is responsible for. The author is Miko Peled and the title of the book is The General's Son. The other book is by an American Jew, Anna Baltzer, and is entitled Witness in Palestine. Anna lived with Palestinians under Israeli Occupation at intervals from 2003 to 2007. Noam Chomsky wrote of her book's: “searingly honest, intensely acute portrayals of unflagging courage, wanton cruelty, and enduring faith that through non-violent resistance, fundamental decency will somehow prevail – an outcome that will lie very much in our hands.”
The outcome does indeed still lie “very much in our hands” and it is that realisation which prompts us all to protest and witness for truth. Lord Palmer can either go on trying to deflect criticism of Israel or he can read those two books and perhaps learn from them. - Leslie Bravery


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