fbi relies on FEAR


The fbi relies on the fear of the public in order to engage in the fbi's own crime spree against selected Targets, such as I.

                **Fbi Relies On FEAR**

The fbi is today a global MAFIA whose agents, operatives, assets and all police (including INTERPOL) engage in atrocities and at times crimes against humanity. Like the MAFIA that we all know as an organized crime syndicate, the fbi relies in part on fear, threats, torture and murder to enforce obedience to their mandates.

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** Understand that the fbi, also like the MAFIA, become when convenient human monsters, and psychopaths; they frequently direct others to assist in their sadistic crimes such as mayhem, torture and murder. All who assist the fbi/MAFIA in their crime spree (which is unprecedented in human affairs as a result of high tech torture tools such as DEW, i.e. directed energy weaponry) are accomplices to the crimes. I have named many of them in my reports, including doctors, lawyers, realtors and judges (especially federal magistrate judges- hereinafter referred to as ‘fmj’). Even my neighbors eagerly assist the fbi in assaulting me. The fbi also sends a little army of street thugs to criminally assault me frequently (included in the street thug category are security guards and cops). For these reasons I report online that the United States of America (USA) has become a nation of psychopaths. The following information is contained in my report entitled, “geral sosbee presents” at several sites; the report shows additional examples of the crimes that I reference in my work (for descriptions of more crimes by the fbi/MAFIA and company see my sworn affidavits 2007 and 2014 online).**
** Excerpt from geral sosbee presents:**
I have proven that the fbi engages in the following crimes regularly:

Torture by DEW, attempted murder by chemically induced kidney stone and strategically placed bacterial infection near brain, extreme psychological assaults and provocations as a method to arrest the Target (or to force final exits), repeatedly & for decades pump toxic gas into the residence of Targets, turn some cops into assassins and turn cops at every level into thugs who fraudulently threaten the Target with arrest, send infected operatives to spread communicable diseases to others (My own medical clearances are available online);
and evidence continues to mount that fbi threatens and achieves the following crimes against selected Targets: castration, blindness, deafness, etc., turn average citizens into thugs and potential killers at will & en queue .


For my related papers, see at least these 2 papers at

1) Evidence of a new, unheralded, illegal, quasi 'Criminal Justice System' (CJS) forged by fbi
2) The SCAM of the Millennium
When the fbi cannot fabricate fraudulent evidence of a crime against their political or ideological Target (such as I), then the fbi labors to build a ‘parade of horribles’ to be used against the Target for purposes of placing him in a mental hospital. See
A fmj always helps the fbi with the legalities of such an abomination. The fmj is one of the worst human rights offenders in the USA and in history of civilization. I believe that he and his fbi buddies are insane, as are perhaps all who fear them.
Regarding the false data used by fbi for criminal imprisonment of the innocent accused, see my reports on the two corrupt or retarded high level cops Trey Knipfing (USPI) and Conrad Rodriguez, Texas DPS; also see my reports on offenses committed against me by Brownsville Police detective Adrian Posada; and don’t forget to review my decade long ordeal with University of Texas (UT) thuggish police Wilson, Bleier, Earhart, Trevino, et al.; and review the absurd activities by Harlingen Texas police, and detective Reynaldo Delua, 09-45954 ( a case report against fbi/police operative Alonzo Yanez who committed assault and battery on me). All of the offenses by the UT cops and civilian community are described at
and in parts a,b,c of the part 19 sequence of “My Story In Detail”.

When people fear the fbi/MAFIA, then law and order are subverted at will by the police and fbi. Plus, people surrender their integrity unto a band of assassins in the fbi-police society. When individuals expose the miscreants as the human monsters that they are, then the fbi/MAFIA tremble at the possibility that they will be destroyed by an enlightened populace. I choose to resist the evil authorities of our era:

Thank you and may Providence provide aid, comfort and blessings to all who suffer and die under the oppressive crimes committed against them by the fbi, police and their civilian friends in the general population.


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