"SCAM of the Millennium " often blocked by fbi


This post is an effort to stop fbi's interference with right of free speech .

Fbi prevents search engines from indexing my *"SCAM" paper that I posted yesterday.
The fbi seeks thereby to obscure or hide many of my posts by not allowing Google et al. to properly index them.

The trick by fbi is to only index my report at Piedmont Indymedia because that group does not activate links which are vital to my papers.
See, for example:


So, today I try to respond to fbi COINTEL effort to obscure my posts; I posted this:
Attention GOOGLE: Kindly index my posts on "Law in the United States: A SCAM " and
stop fbi assassins from controlling your search engine. Thank you so much.
So, here is a link to my recent paper on The SCAM of the Millennium: Law in the United States:

This paper reflects 30 years of my struggle to stop the harassment, torture and discreet attempts on my life by the fbi in its vendetta; the work is a synthesis of my experiences and may also illuminate similar travails by others who are in the cross hairs as bewildered Targets of fbi psychopaths.


Alternate link:

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