Government Censors Evidence of Its Crimes


This morning Marius Nortje and Malcom Heinrich from the Auckland Council arrived with Three Police thugs to force me to remove evidence of Animal Abuse which I display on my fence as a protest against this Barbaric Cruelty,.

This morning Marius Nortje and Malcom Heinrich from the Auckland Council arrive with Three Police thugs to force me to remove evidence of Animal Abuse which I display on my fence as a protest against this Barbaric Cruelty, viz.:

A Vivisected and Butchered Dog which happens in NZ in Massey University.

Photos of Dogs and Cats Hung Skinned and Boiled and Burned Alive.

Dead New Born Calves, victims of the NZ's death-dealing Dairy Crimes

and photos which the ASA had not ruled against, viz.

!080 poisoned Native Bird and Deer.

Other vivisected animals including a Cat, Mouse, Rat and Macaque.

Whilst I was taking down the photos Malcolm Heinrich and one of the Police Thugs were laughing.

Then Malcolm Heinrich had the hypocrisy to tell me my rights of which I am aware but evidently he is not viz i have the right to put up signs, he having just abused my rights and forcing me to remove evidence which would help end the abuse of animals.

This is subsequent to a complaint by the council to the Advertising Standards Authority which they upheld twice but which I received a letter about saying i have the right to appeal when they sent the full decision which i have not yet received in 4 months; today Marius Nortje falsely denied this

Of course the fact that the ASA a quasi-judicial agency can thus abuse my Right to Protest is a Gross Corruption and typical of all Government Agencies in this Death- Dealing Country and Others.

Marius Nortje wrote on 23 March demanding that i remove All Signage from my fence which ASA had not ruled on and which includes protests about many of the myriad Crimes in by Council and National Government this Death- Dealing Country,as detailed at the end of this article.

The images I display of Victims of Animal Abuse are not Offensive or Harmful to the public as ASA dishonestly claims. They are disturbing to any viewer who cares about animals and who can thus act to stop this abuse and are Damning Evidence to which only those who are Guilty of these Crimes can object;I have had legal Advice for the Auckland Community Law Centre confirming this.

Corrupt Government Agencies, Local and National, Sanction, Fund and
Commit Barbaric and Horrific Animals Abuse on a Genocidal Scale in
Vivisection "Labs", on Farms, in Factory Farms, in Slaughterhouses,in
Fishing, Hunting and Trapping, with 1080 Brodifacoum, Warfarin and
Cyanide which Tortures and Kills Rats, Stoats, Possums, Deer, Tahr,
Chamois, Cats, Dogs, Birds, including Native Birds, Insects and

It is the Practice of Vivisecters, Farmers and Corrupt Government
Agencies to hide their Crimes and to Stop the Exposure and Protest
of these Crimes with Ag-Gag Laws and other forms of Censorship.

Graphic Photos are Evidence of Animal Abuse which cannot be denies as
can written reports.

Anyone who witnesses evidence of Animal Abuse can act against it if
they care or ignore it if they don't; it is Counter-intuitive if not
Suspicious or Corrupt for them to complain about Graphic Images.

There are Worse Images and Videos of Animal Abuse, online, on
Television and in Supermarkets and Butchers.

The Broadcasting Standards Authority refuses to ban TV Farming,
Fishing and Hunting programmes which Promote and Perpetuate Animal
Exploitation, Abuse, Torture and Murder.

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

This Death- Dealing Country is so Mired in the Blood and Gore,
Pollution and Destruction of its Myriad Crimes and Corruption that it
has no Concept of Ethics or Respect or Rights of Animals including

New Zealand's Pretense to the Myth of a Clean Green Image is now
exposed Internationally as a Lie and a Fraud.

Crimes Against Animals and Nature

Water Fluoridation which causes Bran damage in Children, Osteoporosis and Cancer.

Spraying Glyphosate (Roundup ) which is Carcinogenic and Kills Bees.

Pesticides are “global human rights concern”, say UN experts urging new treaty


“Glyphosate: Unsafe On Any Plate”

1080 Poisoning of Birds including native Birds, Deer, Possums, Rodents, Stoats, Cattle, Dogs, Cats Fish, Insects and Earthworms as well as Air, Land and Water causing Dieback of Native Trees.


At War with Nature - Corporate Conservation and the Industry of Extinction

The Third Wave

by W H Benfield

Fossil Burning which Pollutes and causes Climate Change

Fracking extraction of Oil which pollutes the Water Table and causes Earthquakes.

Sonic Boom Oil Exploration which Tortures Marine Life.

Coal Extraction Destroying Land including the Habitat of Endangered Snails.

Gold Extraction Destroying Land and Polluting Waterways with Mercury and Arsenic.

Forest Destruction causing Soil Erosion and Exacerbating Climate Change.
Quarrying Rock which Releases Dangerous Crystalline Silica.

Councils Abducting, Ransoming and Killing Dogs; in Whangerei and Wanganui they Shoot Dogs.

Zoo Prison and Death Camps where Animal such as Imani the Gibbon are Killed for Howling in Distress at Humans outside their cages.

Rodeos where Animals including Young Calves are Ridden, Abused even Killed.

Vaccination which Dangerous and Ineffective.

Vivisection Committed by Hospitals, Universities, Medical Schools, Liggins, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Primary Industries, Department of "Conservation" and Private Pharmaceutical Labs.

Dairy - the Milk of Human Malevolence
Calves are Induced Prematurely and Clubbed to Death or Killed at 4 days.
Cows are De-horned without Anaesthesia , Raped, Over-milked causing Osteoporosis ; they are "Spent" a t 5 years when they could live to 25 years if allowed to live naturally.

Eggs Hatcheries De-beak New Born Female Chicks with a Hot Knife; Male Chicks are Gassed, Crushed Dumped or Minced Alive.
Laying Hens are Imprisoned in Crowded Cages with only the area of an A4 page each. their Excrement is not cleaned out thus they suffer fro Respiratory Disease fro the resultant Ammonia Fumes.

Cattle and Sheep are de-horned, castrated and their tails docked without anaethesia

Meat/Flesh "Production'" by Stunning which Burns out the Brains of the Animals; if Stunning fails to kill them thy are butchered alive.

Fish are Killed by decompression, Crushing Suffocation Clubbing or they are Stabbed in the Swim Bladder and later they are Butchered Alive.

Deer and Kaimanawa Horses are Terrorised in Musters using helicopters and then either Killed for Meat or their Spirits Broken to be uses as Beasts of Burden.

I am therefor Appealing for People to write in Support of the Right To Protest to:

Desperately and Despairingly,

Peta Feral


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