There is no 'war of generations'.

Letter to editor of StarTimes. There is no 'war of generations'. Instead what we have is a cultural/historical phenomenon coming to a head.

The Editor
The Sunday Star Times
18 March, 2017

Dear Editor:

Nadine Chalmers-Ross (12 March) says she wants to sort out differences between ‘boomer’ and ‘millennial’ generations, then rips along with the shallow clichés used by those who want to make this a generational war. Is this provocation or ignorance?

On the same page, David Slack describes how the housing situation is stressing many in all generations. In fact, we don’t have a ‘generational’ conflict at all. It’s a cultural/historical phenomenon coming to a head in our time after hundreds or thousands of years of civilization based on exploitation. The millennials would have done the same thing over the last 40 years as the boomers have done. They likely will devour themselves unless they come to grips with the deeper factors at work.

The global economy the last forty years has primarily been focused on widening the gap between rich and poor, enabling, even glorifying, those who can best accumulate great wealth, global corporations and a few greedy individuals. Understanding this as a cultural/historical phenomenon and figuring out why it has happened will be the key to preventing a downward spiral.

Richard Keller
13 Endeavour St.
Wellington 6022


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