Police already in breach of taser guidelines

The Police Association call for police to be routinely armed with tasers should be
rejected outright by the police hierarchy and politicians.

It is clear that already the police are abusing existing guidelines as the photo
below shows. It was taken of a police line-up attending a protest at the Waihopai
spybase near Blenheim on Saturday 19th January 2013 and shows at least two of the
four police carrying tasers at their hips.

Two breaches of police operating procedures for tasers are evident from the picture,
namely the carrying of tasers in a routine situation when there is no obvious need
for their use and wearing tasers while policing a demonstration. Police standard
operating procedures state -

“The EMI device (taser) is not to be carried by members rostered for duty at


Some police at least are thumbing their nose at existing regulations. The answer is
enforcement of regulations rather than relaxation.



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