Reflections of An Attorney


See how I prove rampant criminality of fbi.

Reflections of An Attorney 

From the time I began my legal career in 1983 in El Paso, Texss, and continuing today, the fbi in vendetta engages in assaults  and attempted murder against me. Even in law school the fbi harasses me by operatives and gaslighting episodes.

A federal magistrate judge  (fmj) in El Paso provides the fbi upon ex parte meeting with authority to engage in unlawful COINTEL OPERATIONS in order to once again destroy my professional life, or to kill me.

In one memorable experience and  during my surgery for a U.S. ARMY service connected deviated septum, the fbi assassins tried to murder me in my hospital  bed  by suffocation. 

The fmj or other federal judge in El Paso also interfered with my application for admission to that court as an attorney. Then, the horrors continue: extensive home invasion and destruction of my cars, nails in tires while I taught classes, phoney clients pretending to need my services, attorneys insulting me, gang stalking and a kind of 'holy terror' consumes my life. I fled.

When I arrived in Dallas, the fbi contacted yet another fmj to continue and expand their criminal assaults, many of which are described in My Story In Detail (MSID). So, the atrocities continue. When I fled Dallas, the fbi and Thailand authorities continue criminal assaults as per MSID. 

Upon arrival in LA from Thailand, the fmj there provided a blanket authority for the fbi/cia to terrorize me. My life is at this  point in LA thoroughly decimated by fbi and fmj, though I am never accused of any offense of any kind in my life.

When I arrive in South Texas from LA , the fbi 'goes all out' in their crimes against me with the authority again of a fmj in Brownsville, Texas. I extensively document online the crimes committed against me by fbi, UT Police Wilson and Bleier, Detective Posada, USPI KNIFING and his sidekick Texas DPS RODRIGUEZ. The neutralization program reaches full steam there as do attacks against me by thugs, toxic fumes, bio-chemical weapons and DEW (directed energy weaponry). I estimate the cost of the fbi program to silence me at $30-50 million.

 The following link is a study of how the fbi is able to circumvent all laws intended to protect citizens against their abuses.

See also my WRIT which I file in LA while the fbi continues their terrorist plots against me. Such operations included multiple aggravated assaults which resulted in serious bodily injuries. See MSID and medical & police reports in LA.

See also my report here on fmj:

Finally see my medical clearances as I try to comprehend whether and how the fbi was able to falsify records with various agencies such as HHS in order to place me into their secretive and macabre program seen here:

Finally, see my other papers at for additional information on the overthrown US government by its intelligence community.

Thank you and may Providence give aid, comfort and blessings to all who suffer under the filthy actions and thoughts of fbi and cia globally.


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