Neutralization Horrors


This post represents the real life horrors that fbi's COINTEL Programs impose on Targets.

Fbi's human experimentation program which fbi euphemistically refers to as 'COINTELPRO'is one of the most cruel, illegal and disgusting plans ever devised by man against his fellow man. This report attempts to capture the essence of the macabre and very dirty fbi program as applied against me.

See, for example,

'COINTEL' defined:

This report also  highlights the juggernaut of assaults on me by fbi agents and operatives in their  efforts to imprison or kill me.

 A central part of the horror story ongoing this minute is to portray the Target as crazy, paranoid and as a threat to the public. A federal magistrate judge is the corrupt and psychotic authority who authorizes all fbi COINTEL operations against me. See my WRIT, my affidavits 2007 & 2014 online for more details on topic. Note that the witnesses named or referenced herein could verify the crimes in which they participate with the fbi.

The fbi's sophisticated & secret program to neutralize this Target is a marvel to behold in its sheer evil objective and macabre methods.
See my report entitled 
"Geral Sosbee Presents."

The flowing links represent a brief summary of the fbi's decades long efforts to fit me into the judge's parameters for arrest and imprisonment (via criminal or civil process).

In the most recent provocative assault in McAllen Tx., In February, 2017, the fbi operative wears a body camera and repeatedly walks toward me, expecting perhaps that I might react in a manner consistent with a person suffering from *paranoid delusional disorder (See 'Provocative Assaults' below).

 Then, with the fraudulent doctor's report also referenced below, the fbi hooligans would meet with their comrad in crime, a federal magistrate  judge , to obtain yet another and perhaps the  final corrupt order against me.

See "Committed to Healing":

See the next link for a brief summary  fbi's atrocities according to victim and author of this post, Geral Sosbee. Note that DEW  (DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONRY) is used against me 24/7 for decades, non stop, and with serious medical consequences.

  • See false medical report by Dr. Holder who also separately and completely out of context questioned my wife regarding my reports on fbi offenses; my wife advised me that she was apprehensive at being so verbally abused by Dr. Holder. Actually, she was frightened and wanted to flee the doctor. We did  not file a complaint with the Medical Board because of widespread corruption of all such authorities; EG:


Study the following and related links (a,b,c)
for evidence on how fbi turns UT  cops et al.,
hostile against me for over  a decade and ongoing today. UT cops Bleier and Wilson are involved in the fbi's COINTEL efforts, as are USPI KNIFING Texas DPS cop Rodriguez.

Brownsville Texas Police Detective Adrian Posada (an apparent coopted fbi operative) states to me upon my effort to file a vandalism report":

Take the medication; filing a false police report is a crime; the police department accepts as fact any report by a medical doctor such as the one made by Dr. Holder
(Part 20,  "My Story In Detail"). Posada also asks , "who is the doctor providing me with a second opinion of the false report by Dr. Holder?"

Provocative Assaults

A) by Fbi "gorilla operative"

B) Fbi COINTEL Operations Expand

C) Admisson by thug 'Alonzo Yanez':

D) Fraudulent UT BOLO with multiple assaults by cops, operatives and street things:

and parts 19, a, b

Thus, the astute reader may recognize the criminality, insanity and malicious wickedness of all human monsters who join with fbi in their unconscionable crimes in the tradition of J. Edgar Hoover himself ( See attached message on COINTEL objectives: "Kill", etc.

Thank you and may Providence give aid, comfort and blessings to all who suffer under the filthy actions and thoughts of fbi everywhere.


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