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At this week‘s regular Monday Rally for the resignation of the Park regime in Seoul, the 338th in a row, there was a fresh appearance: A delegate speaker from Ukraine was seen in a live video transmission from an empty church on the border to ...

At this week‘s regular Monday Rally for the resignation of the Park regime in Seoul, the 338th in a row, there was a fresh appearance: A delegate speaker from Ukraine was seen in a live video transmission from an empty church on the border to Belarus which had evaded destruction since located on the fringe of the nuclear contamination zone.

Representing a feminist group which already had staged pin-prick protests against remainders of the sweatshop industry there during the Gorbachev era, in an international solidarity effort with a strike campaign the disputed corporation‘s Seoul headquarters were keen to break, the veteran activist gave an overview over the new situation in Ukraine after the Washington regime change.

After the trump decree on the revocation of his predecessor‘s embrace of the Maidan movement, the dispatch of diplomatically untrained military lobbyist Andy Warhol (not related with the twentieth century figure) as Unitedstates ambassador to Kiev prompted the resignation of Poroshenko as the nation‘s president and a succession crisis, since there was no candidate in lock-step with the ambassador‘s agenda.

Warhol had earlier texted that he came to Ukraine to „restimulate the color revolution,“ and leaked to the press a draft of an 120 day campaign involving officials of all branches and twigs of the government apparatus under the supervision of Harton-Princevard military advisers focussed on drawing up new uniform designs for their jobs. Finally, in a Trump-Putin phone call a gentleman agreement had been reached involving the return of deposed leader Yanukovic under the condition that he would wear an American-patented hat during office hours.

With the cases of Chernobyl and Fukushima in mind, the two governments then agreed that they were not interested in client nations requesting damage compensation from reactor makers, and that Yanukovic wearing the slogan „freedom and democracy“ on his forehead would be their best tool to contain such claims from neighbouring Belarus, which had suffered the lion‘s share of collateral damage in the landlocked reactor meltdown catastrophe.

The spokeswoman said the most significant effect of Unitedstates micromanagement attempts was that they created an incentive for the country’s foreign spies to put lipstick on their success statistics by performing risk-free busts, like stealing from foreign opponents household items which happen to be in at least one of Ukraine’s national colours.

Whenever they would return with such a trophy, it would be put on display in the light yard of their headquarters and be counted for their career advance like an operational success. This quickly caused Russia to reciprocate with its own collection. The spokeswoman explained that furniture had been taken out of the church by either side.

She said the Ukrainian situation was still relatively simple. Since Belarus remained inactive due to its practical interest in radioactive fallout compensation, and the autonomous regions did so for their theoretical awareness of this issue, there were only two sides competing each other, but an increased number thereof could further complicate things.

She elaborated that the Russian side, with a realistic understanding of the Belarus deal, had concluded that if their agents on foreign territory could convince each other that they could get away with a certain sabotage act then they could also convince each other that they would succeed bribing a foreign judge to ignore their breach of local laws. She said this speculative transgression indicated that state security offices were not an antidote or neutral to corruption, but the worst factor in establishing and extending it.

She added that colour tensions and competitions between the so-called “secret services” of the two neighbours had already escalated to the point at which representatives began covering items in their homes which they feared could become targets for the other side with their own national flags, and spy agencies were training special staff for reproducing drapery after undercover removal action. She then called those enemy flag draping freaks death squads in larvae stadium.

She pointed to the example of a past genocidal regime which had developed from the rubble of a defeated empire in her Western neighbourhood, and when it established itself was so centred around this vain infamy propped caste that it changed its host country’s national flag into their main enemy’s one supplemented with a regular pattern in the middle thereof, revealing its intent to abuse both.

Focussing on the corruption reinforcement issue, she went on that the flag in this argument represents a third condition between the two natural states of something that can be opened and closed again by design and something that by design can only open itself or get destroyed, like a door and a flower. Locks are an illusion, she said, because all keys or copies thereof are under one or another flag. But the draped flag is unique unless its pattern is deliberately being reproduced with some effort, revealing an intent to deceive in case there is one and access is revealed by the law of cause and consequence.

She rolled out that the current international justice system was incapable to defeat this kind of colour corruption since it was an oligarchy. A justice capable of taking on colour corruption, she said, required three legs as well, a religious one, a secular one, and a third one with the capability to discern which is which and properly separate one from another. She explained that in the world of today, both the foundations of a secular justice and of a religious one are already there, as well as of the expediency chair for the distinction task, although all bitterly resented by the oligarchy.

She stressed that the South Korean sweatshop strikes in the early neoliberalist era had already known that the future did not merely require changes of colours but of much more fundamental qualities, and how naive it would be to leave this to customer departments and crap pr when the currency they rely upon suffers the same flaw. She closed encouraging the South Koran anti-regime protesters to help revive London Speaker’s Corner as a West Asian platform against colour corruption, and praising the autonomous regions between all front lines for their example of showing a way without colour corruption.


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