More on fbi dirty COINTEL play


This post presents data on fbi crimes and the effects on this Target.

Regarding the fbi's continuing terrorist assaults on me, see the recent crimes against me by fbi and their operatives at this link (a report on fbi dirty COINTEL play):

See also the following link for symptoms of directed energy weaponry assaults (DEW), causing extreme and prolonged sleep deprivation:

The following additional symptoms are noted:
Headache with spells of dizziness, and fatigue 24/7/365.

The assaults also cause a sensation of heat in the left portion of my skull; I also often wince as though someone is hitting me with a big stick.

The attached photo is taken today, 2-9-17, at Orlando, Florida, where I am beaten down by assaults of DEW, by fbi thugs and by other psychological operations designed to discourage me.

I am very exhausted and the fbi with media (and notorious figures such as criminals Knipfing, Rodriguez, Wilson, Bleier, Posada, Cruz, et al. ( all of whom are accessories to fbi high crimes) help prevent the world from understanding the evil of the USA.

The fbi special agents, investigators, operatives, informants, thugs, assassins and street criminals (with the controlled media assistance) criminally engage in torture, imprisonment, mayhem and murder against selected Targets. See my sworn affidavits 2007 and 2014 for more data on fbi crimes which are often covered up by cops.

See also part 20 of 'My story In Detail' for the false medical report from Dr. Holder.

Understand, if one may, that the fbi globally represents the most heinous and despicable thugs and killers ever to live on the face of the earth; I am honored to bring their atrocities to light for the benefit of all.
Thank you.


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