Wealth accumulation a continuous crime

Capitalism is dying but lingers, has sunk its claws deep in the flesh of the suffering. The near-corpse is immensely rich, US National deficit 20 trillions and more dollars being printed. America-First policy means isolation and nuclear-war danger.

Wealth accumulation a continuous crime

Fernando García Izquierdo

The capitalist claws.
Four years ago I wrote a series of articles about what I saw as the inherent evils of capitalism; in one of the articles, ‘the capitalist entanglement’, I referred to the claws of the system, the claws that catch and destroy the innocent.
Indeed, the way the wealthy and the powerful act today, swallowing like leeches the blood of citizens and enemies alike (no difference), has made me think that perhaps I have something to say on the subject, mainly because in my younger years I was an American attorney in Paris and saw from the inside (law and finance) how capitalism-imperialism operates. I have lived among the sharks, so to say, and for no less than ten years (and I wasn’t one of them.)

Back to (1951) square one.
There are some US citizens, it seems to me, that want to fight for a return to the glorious years after the war (god-dollar, invasions and wars, inherent racism and so on). I would now like to add a few things to what I have already said, particularly in view of the recent election to the presidency of the United States of a multibillionaire, Donald Trump, paradigm at first sight of all the evils that the System embodies, creates and represents. It is easier, now, with such a personage at the head of the United States, to pinpoint and say this is right, this is wrong and this the hell we are creating.
For it is clear to me that: one, what we call free elections is pure boloney (if the reader could see what’s happening in France!), two, that millions of Americans wanted, want and will go on wanting Trump as president independently of any election.
It is a question of so-called Poor Whites wanting to come out of their poverty at the expense of some people descending, as the Wasps descended, from immigration. Remember that the Statue of Liberty facing the Ocean asks the entire world: “Send me your poor, send me the wretched refuse of your teeming shores.”

The Grip.
The capitalist entanglement, to which I referred in those articles, and of which I desire to speak today, means (in other terms) the grip which the hidden forces of capitalism hold on what they so arrogantly have called the Free World, that is, have called since that friendly meeting of President Truman and ex-Premier Churchill, in Fulton, 1946. Somehow, our press no longer calls this criminal imperialism the Free World.
In a way in this world of bandits and robbers a disciplined interconnection of all the Forces of the System, including the different military forces and of course finance and banking, industrialists, pharmaceuticals… with millions and millions of well paid agents and attorneys everywhere, is the perfect setting for the collapsing twenty-first-century “free” world.

Spies are in Manhattan, just as there have always been in bases around the world, from Okinawa to Lithuania, just as there are in all the plazas and little islands of the universe. Thousand of financial bases working to maximise profits for real scoundrels (“Oh, not me! It’s my Daddy!)
Thousands of so-called secret custodians, well paid by powerful bankers and financiers. Bandits whose task is to play with floating capitals, gold and other money, metal, commodity money, fiduciary money… or just, as one of my daughters says, VIRTUAL money.
Capitals that are constantly meandering from here to there and everywhere. London, New York, Frankfurt, Paris and the famous “Ali-Baba Plazas” which we have set in Jersey, Panama, Bermuda, Guernsey, Isle of Man, Luxembourg, Monaco, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, etc., there are three hundred and ninety-nine of them, it is said.

The grip, chapter two.
So powerful and so profound is this entanglement to which I referred so many years ago that, once you enter the capitalist game, you are CAUGHT, clasped by the dirty hooks or gripped by the golden light.

This can happen to individuals and can happen to States, as has been happening under capitalism-imperialism to innumerable States, a lot of the poorest States of this suffering earth, included! They suffer of course because they are poor and, most unfortunately because they are poor, these countries, cannot defend themselves.
Whole chunks of territory, in Africa, which we divided and forcibly constitued in States (not in Nations) and we swallowed - before and since the Berlin Conferences of 1892, became the property of Britain, France, Belgium, etc. Subsoil, soil, the animals, the people and the birds in the air, all passed to belong to the British, French, Belgians, etc. That was for us a well done job, a pretty entanglement.
Our history books make us to know that our laws (through colonisation), protect the inhabitants of those countries, whose frontiers have been marked on the maps. And some of us call (have called) our colonies our lands (the French are cheekier, their Asia, Africa, Oceania are/were “l’Indochine Française, etc.)

World Bank and the IMF
For a number of African and other ex-colonial countries the end of World War II meant continued slavery. Britain, France, Belgium, Holland and a number of imperialist countries (to say nothing of the United States), being first rate in industry needed all sorts of raw materials, found in abundance in the colonies.
In the colonies, then, these materials were found. From the colonies, then, these materials were robbed. In the colonies we found slaves. The colonial peoples, in a word, were, had been uninterruptedly a thousand of years or more, much more, were made farmhands, like the poor English of old, made to work for the colonisers, who became richer and richer, society being divided, then, in two distinct, antagonist classes, the haves and the have-nots. Absolutely deprived. In Algeria, until 1977, the Algerian citizens were the colonizers, French, Spanish, Italian. The people of the land where ‘les indigents, non-citizens. And nothing could the people of the land do to gain their freedom but start a war of liberation. In reality the United Nations and all its Agencies counted for little or nothing.

It was GREED that moved us all the time (as stipulated in the System) while we became wealthier every day.
After 1945, when Hitler, Mussolini and others were defeated (not Franco), we saluted one another in our offices, or ambling about the streets, parks and avenues, or on the coast, where we were holidaying. “Oh, God is great! We’ve never had it so good.” And we went on seeking profit. Seventeen years later our imperialism was still acting, still robbing, wars, blood; we were still stealing from the poorest countries of the earth. In fact our criminal colonisation continued until the nineties (see what happened in Angola and Namibia.)
And more and more. If we turn our eyes to what is happening in Palestine, we shall see that plans are to go on, to cause the planet to be burned rather than recognise that in those parts, in that area, there were no nations as Napoleon’s France thought there were, that peoples were living side by side (not according to constitutional law.)

Defending our backyard.
General Marshall, Secretary of State at the time fascism was defeated in 1945, came out with a plan (already) “to stop the advance of communism.” He organised the sending of aid to the defeated German Nazis, so that the latter, instead of going under (as reason demanded) and the people trying a new system of society, what happened (specially after 1947)) was that old heroes (politics, industry, commerce) were resurrected. They then defended America’s backyard. I personally saw the people (in 1953), “FREE TRADE YES, COMMUNISM NO!”, They called this LIE the German Miracle, and all Free Europe became forever interlinked.

Then came Gorbachov, who with many other Russians and Poles like Woytila, etc. caused the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.
One system fell at that point. And people don’t generally know (or knew) that both systems of the Cold War were about to collapse. Perhaps they now know that capitalism, like bolchevism, was then mortally wounded, for quite different reasons. But capitalism-imperialism lingered.
We needed something or someone to come along… and give us the proof of this: capitalism lingered, but it was already a cadaver. Palpable proof of what the communists have been saying these twenty-five years. Capitalism has ceased to represent progress. It is pure REACTION. President Donald Trump is that sign. He is that someone we ordinary mortals needed as the evidence that the United States and the so-called free world are disintegrating.
Just like Gorbachov’s Russia of the nineties. Gorbachov, of course, was a sycophant and a traitor. This one is not a traitor to certain values, AMERICA FIRST! But listen to this patriot telling his people and the world, “I’m doing this and that to give jobs to our boys and to protect our backyard from the perils represented by all those engaged in unamerican activities. America will be great again!

Freeworlders! your undoing started with Bretton Woods.
No need for anybody to study Marx to know that “capitalism is exploitation”.
Just seeing Michael Moore’s films will help. The problem now with Americans is that Trump is promising protectionism to protect the American worker from utter poverty.
Taking the plants to Mexico and other foreign places (we hear) caused the factories to be closed in Indianapolis, Columbus, Pittsburg, New Jersey, Flint, Detroit, Cleveland, etc. Why did the billionaires like our Trump do this, the profit-maximisers? FOR PROFIT. Is this not the essence of capitalism? Read Adam Smith, the first philosopher of the system, read all the Nobel prizewinners on Economics, from the first one, Paul Samuelson, to the last.
I have been in Mexico, I know that the bandits of the North paid their workers the other side of the Mexican border practically a twentieth of what American workers got.

Is that the destiny of all the human race?
From the beauiful line of pedestrians promenading on New York’s Fifth Avenue, to those more fashionable of the Champs Elysées of Paris, or Berlin’s martial avenue, Unter der Linden and the Streets of sober Stockholm and anarchic Madrid… we hear our brave businessmen tell us to be smart, if we want to become rich. From the days I began to earn my living, what did I hear? Oh, you have to be smart. Work. Accumulate. But above all, know how to rob.

Colonialisation at all costs? This was the best way. To show our power and lay our victims bare. If they don’t like it, use weapons of massive destruction. Raze their cities to the ground, GAZA. Haiti is another example. Tenoctilclan a more ancient one. Troy the first time we Europeans did the smart thing. We must know our history and try to correct our ways.
Defending our backyard indeed!

Proletarians of the whole world, unite!

I am following the ‘Divina Commedia’ being performed in France these days (since the middle of last year, as a matter of fact) concerning the “election” of a new “président de la république” by the citizens, among a score of figures already selected by the powers-that-be… and really and truly I get every morning into a state of despair hearing on the radio that workers and unemployed are flocking to vote (in local elections) for FASCISM, because they (the labour class) are fed up with ordinary polititians
Poor whites, also around here. People transformed into sheep by Political propaganda. This has been the cause of the mentioned matamorphosis. The ways and means utilised these one hundred year to entangle all of us into the most horrible COLLECTIVE STATE OF MIND that the thinkers of old could never have foreseen.

Entanglement fabricated at Bretton Woods..
Early in the spring of 1944 Mankind was taken for a ride by a set of bandits. Very clever scoundrels come from the City of London, from Washington, Manhattan, Paris, Stockholm, Oslo, etc. decided… What?
Ever since the Bretton Woods Conference, in 1944, when World War II was about to end, the United State has ruled the roost in at least three quarters of the planet. In consequence, all the other countries of what came to be known as the Western World, or the West, have ever since been obliged to toe the line. Or to say the same thing in a somewhat different manner: the countries of Western Europe, to a man, to all intents and purposes, at the said 1944 Conference, were turned into mere stooges of American Imperialism. In international finance the US dollar became the universal measure of exchange and trade.
What better than money entanglement. The United States paper currency got God’s value: “the dollar is as good as gold!” Here I go (says the Federal Reserve, one dollar, ten, one hundred, one thousand, one million, one billion, one trillion, first, second, third, tenth trillion, eighteenth trillion… and more and more and more… … …
Because the United States Treasury became the Universal Central Bank. America would never know the word deficit. The other countries, like Greece, would always be in deficit, that is, as a nation the country would reach the state of bankrupcy, spending more than it earned. Devaluation of the currency would follow. No money for international commerce. The country would have to do without many needed items, the people would suffer. But with America this could never happen. It is said that from 1945 until 1971 the Americans swallowed as many goods (commodities) as the inhabitants of the rest of the free world. And Free world meant riches! The Great and the Free and all their colonies in Asia, Africa, Oceania, Central and South America; for America could print all the money she wanted plus all the money the others needed for trade (with America.)
Under these circumstances, it is not strange that by early 1960s, there were more United States dollars in the coffers of all the Central Banks in the free world countries of Europe. They constitued a substantial part of the financial reserves (side by side with gold) of the free Europeans. And in fact US dollars were filling the pockets of ordinary (rich) citizens of glorious Europe (the Eurodollar Busines.) I lived that period, I worked in the midst ot that horror. The matter of currency exchange, currency speculation those years was the very work of the Devil.
I will tell the reader an anecdote: travelling through Italy with my wife for our summer holidays one of those years (the national currency was the lira, of scarce value, while the dollar and some other currencies were of great value),as soon as we stopped at a hotel and booked for a night or several nights, once in our room, we received the visit of the owner or manager of the establishment, who came to talk about monetary matters, and asked with which currency we were going to pay and according to our reply the price varied. Everyone offering a service or offering a commodity to us preferred to be paid in US dollars, but Swiss Francs and German Marks were also acceptable,

Full employment through trillions of deficit.
What I remember very well of this sort of business is that, at the end of last year, I heard on the French radio that America’s yearly deficit amounted to 18 trillions, and it was expected that by the beginning of 2017 the United States national deficit could reach the figure of 20 trillion dollars. And now the same ‘France Inter’ radio tells us the deficit will soon be 25 trillions. “And much more,” I thought to myself. The United States President is engaged in a policy of Building, and not only “Berlin Walls”. Building for him is the way to fullfil his promise to give “the Americans” a proper job.
And will reaching a national debt high high up to the sky bring industry back to the States as Trump seems to expect? Has he already started to do it, building roads, repairing the old ones, crisscrossing the country with railroads which are now absent, or which have been in a state of neglect these twenty-five years? And one thousand other things (public service) that are lacking, that had not been there since Truman’s days: bridges over rivers, water supply and many other works which the new presidency and the legislature are now going to tackle in order to change for the better the life of the ordinary American citizen.
This means, for a nation now in a state of decay, passing into an active moment of reconstruction. A wonderful programme.

Trump and medicare?
We learn that Trump is wiping out the work of his predecessor relating to helping the poor. His social philosophy is “Let’m work!” At least Obama was a compassionate person. The fact is that there are millions of people in the United States of America who are below the line of poverty. One way or another, millions of ‘miserables’, people who go through life without medical attention (a thing which, by the way, doesn’t happen in Cuba where since 1960 all citizens have enjoyed wonderful medical care free of charge.) What is “billionaire America” going to do about this?
In a country with a national deficit (soon) to be twenty-five trillion dollars, we can easily deduce what the new president is going to say. We heard Spain’s Rajoy a couple of years ago, NO HAY DINERO. A big lie. There is money, but only for the rich.

Rebuilding a Great Nation.
Now, can our wise economists, nobel-prize laureates included, tell us how much money Trump-policy will require for rebuilding the America in decay?
The United States now owes TO THE WORLD those trillions, and since the President will start his gigantic plan of rebuilding his ‘America First’, with that debt on his shoulders, what limit is Congress going to fix? thirty trillions, forty trillions, fifty…?
He may have been playing in his mind, as we all have been playing in our minds, with the figure of Adolf Hitler. He too was elected as Head of State by the nation (the Poor Whites over there.) The Third Reich First!, a promise of reconstruction. And sure enough, Hitler did build roads and motorways, he did build railway stations and lines, factories, barracks, warplanes, tanks, guns, bombs, rockets etc. If World war 2 had lasted a bit longer, it would have been in Germany, not in Alamogordo, New Mexico, that the first atom bomb would have been built.
But those were different times, and Hitler did not have a national deficit of 25 trillion dollars or anything similar.

Someone is watching.
Great superpowers there are several, one of them a communist republic. Remember how President Harry Truman was urged, in the early fifties, to unleash the fascist legions of Chang Kai-Chek against the communists because if China fell, (the Domino Theory), Korea, Indochina, etc. would also fall: and in the end AMERICA lost.

China is very rich, has piles and piles of dollars, more than there are in all the territory of the United States, which means that China could, NOW, in a Free World Economy and without wars, purchase all America, and her inhabitants as well.
Without having recourse to fantasies, I’ll say that if China were to play at being a ‘sorcerer’s apprentice’, she could tomorrow unleash a couple of trillion US dollars (never mind that they are paper money) and would in a day or two break up the functioning of the entire capitalistic system.
Does not the reader think, as I do, that something has radically changed in our planet, inhabited after all by animals endowed with reason? Of them some about to blow up the planet, so senseless are they? Nuclear war BOOM!, from here to eternity? That sort of thing.
When our system’s collapse became known, in the fall of 2008, when our economic system openly proved to be a great sham, I remember China took some important measures to make sure its own economy would, on the contrary, be strengthened, such as ensuring that workers would have jobs, full employment. Voilà la solution!!
And I am sure another sane decision taken by China was to reinforce the defence of the nation with nuclear weapons among other measures. Beware!!.
Therefore the President should remember that if of an evening in the Oval Room, to amuse himself while watching television, his itchy fingers were playing with what I think is officially called “the US Key to Nuclear Action”, he had better not press the button; for there is a man in eastern Europe who has another Key, of an arsenal just as large; plus there is another man whose Central Bank contains those mentioned trlllions. It is only paper money, we know, but still “the Dollar is as Good as Gold”. Entanglement.
In fact, the Chinese man holds many many trumps in his hand.



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