Peaceful action to halt logging of World Heritage nominated forests.


Today conservationists from Still Wild Still Threatened have halted logging
operations that are occurring within the World Heritage nominated forests
of Butlers Gorge, Tasmania.

There are 15 people on the logging road that leads to at least 3 current logging coupes. There is currently a structure blocking the road and two dedicated conservationist have put themselves in positions which may possibly lead to arrest, in order to halt logging.

"Today's peaceful action is taking place to halt the destruction that the Australian Government should have stopped themselves upon nominating these forests for World Heritage to the IUCN. The government's nomination is recognition of the outstanding ecological values of these forests, despite this they are neglecting their responsibility to protect the area. These forests are not safe" said Miranda Gibson, spokesperson for Still Wild Still Threatened.

"Right now logging is occurring in three separate coupes in Butlers Gorge. This logging must immediately stop. The damage being done in this globally significant forest is an international shame. To have the very heart ripped out of one of Tasmania's most significant tracts of wilderness and tall eucalyptus forests, only months before a potential World Heritage listing is a tragedy" said Ms Gibson.

" There has been a global outcry resulting from the documentation of the
ongoing logging. Since we released a report in conjunction with the Huon Valley Environment Center and Markets for Change last week, thousands of people have signed an online petition calling for an end to the destruction of these World Heritage nominated forests" said Ms Gibson.

“The Federal Government has the responsibility, as commanded by Article 4 of the World Heritage Convention (1972) that Australia is a signatory to, to identify, protect, conserve, present and transmit to future generations these globally significant forests” said Ms Gibson.

“It is blatant hypocrisy to nominate forests for World Heritage one week and log the same forests the next week.” said Ms Gibson.

"Still Wild Still Threatened will continue to stand up for the threatened forests of Butlers Gorge and other World Heritage nominated forests until they are securely protected. We are calling on the Australian Government to immediately end logging and ensure no new coupes are started within the nominated forests" said Ms Gibson


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