For All Torturers and Murderers


A lifetime of work to address heinous crimes leads me to write this report.

For All Torturers and Murderers

Any person who tortures (physically or mentally), and/ or maliciously murders another human being is eternally condemned by all that is holy & graceful in the universe, by God/Providence, and by the best spirit of all Mankind.

No redemption be possible for such monstrous and psychopathic creatures; and their names, though often hidden from public view, are permanently inscribed in an everlasting hall of shame.
For they violate all that endow dignity to our species.

As I and many others have endured and resisted these crimes against humanity by the only peaceful means available to us, I now confirm the awful truth of the unforgivable nature of the offenses against us, the children of God.

All who facilitate, authorize and condone the crimes that I document (including judges, congressmen, doctors, lawyers, laymen et al.) are equally liable for similar judgement. I have labored to address abominations by fbi for almost 50 years, and all of my reports are mocked by government officials and most private citizens.

My post 15 years ago:

Furthermore, all fbi/cia/police officials and their operatives & civilian accomplices whom I describe in my thousands of reports over 16 years (dating back about half a century) are parties to atrocities ongoing now globally. So, I now address each such low form of homo sapien:

You cannot ever be forgiven because the quasi demonic spirit moves you to evil deeds and you know that your inhumanity aligns with the dark forces of nature with whom you at once accompany and find comfort.

Finally, as I expect that the atrocities will continue, so will my work also follow today and forevermore.

Thank you and may Providence give aid, comfort and blessings to all who suffer under the filthy actions and thoughts of fbi's own torturers and serial killers and their kind globally.

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