God Save Us From Corrupt and murderous fbi/cops


The perception of reality by the public is controlled by miscreants in media and in the police community.

God Save Us From Corrupt & Murderous fbi/cops

I prove that the Fbi, in its murderous corruption & incompetence, cannot defend this nation, cannot stop domestic violence and has no viable way to stop dedicated terrorist groups based abroad from attacking USA. The fbi is aware of these facts.

Even as our own people are being murdered on city streets (such as occur in Chicago), the fbi runs its own human experimentation program (including elaborate torture and kill schemes) against our own people.

So, understand that the fbi are cowards who target unarmed & innocent Americans for termination, while the fbi and police also largely abandon inner city crime problems. Indeed, the fbi and cops show up after the mass killings or other violent crimes in order to have their letters 'FBI' flashed across the the tv news to show the people that fbi is at the scene. The media is aware of this charade.

The media also misrepresents the fbi as saviors, whereas the fbi and police in reality cause or commit serious crimes daily and benefit from same. The American people are often clueless.

Other countries are aware of the dirty nature of fbi as I document. See


Global visits to my site www.SOSBEEvfbi.com :


Finally, the American people fear everything (in a sense) and rely on retarded, corrupt and brutal police & deranged fbi for imagined protection.

In reality we need protections from our own police community who are trained & programmed to kill by fbi assassins and serial killers.

See my reports on how fbi turns cops at every level into criminals who help fbi terrorize fbi's innocent Targets. See my extensive documentations on screwballs in University of Texas Police (Bleier & Wilson, Trevino & Earhart), USPI KNIFING & Texas DPS fool Rodriguez, Brownsville stooge Detective Posada and countless other thugs who have tried to provoke reactions and who have threatened me in my face and sometimes in my home. Posada also told me that the police accept as fact any report from a medical doctor. He was referring to the fraudulent report here:
Posada, intending to insult. then tells me to "take the medication", and threatens to arrest me for filing in his words, "a false police report". He exemplifies police half wits turned loose on those whom they are sworn to serve.

Note also that when I did not react to criminal assaults on me by fbi operatives and police thugs , the fbi in frustration comes online and inadvertently reveals their true objective in their covert operations; the operative states anonymously that the Fbi expects this Target to start murdering people.

See my papers at:




Finally, may Providence give aid, comfort and blessings to all who suffer under the filthy actions and thoughts of fbi worldwide.

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