Bogus Bodyguard continues to flaunt Authorities

Roger Gill , Chairman of the Licensing Authority has just granted a license to Thomas Andrew Gibson (The unlicensed guard of Peter Jackson, Hobbit premiere 2012) despite strong opposition from an Inspector of police (Dominion Post February 16, A13). It makes the Licensing authority a joke in itself. All those who deserve and have paid for a license will be mightily unimpressed when a man so unfit for the role is given a license (lying to the authority in the process).

Gibson (a undischarged bankrupt who remains a publican behind a smokescreen of others at Chicago and Hope Bros bars in Wellington) states it is his main income and yet did not apply for a license for over a year after the legislation was passed? I wouldn't trust Roger Gill to walk my dog. Why can this organisation not do its job despite the police making it clear for them ?


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