Atrocities by fbi, disseminate please far and wide


This important report could help others who are illegally targeted by fbi & company for torture & death.

Atrocities by fbi, disseminate please far & wide

Submitted by gsosbee on Thu, 2017-01-05 17:55

Each time that I post descriptions of fbi's own *atrocities ( some of which are often almost impossible for me to prove),
the fbi punishes me with extreme increases in Directed Energy Weaponry (DEW) attacks. The two reports shown in the next two links were well received globally and since the postings, I have been chained metaphorically to my bed by sleep deprivation (New symptoms now include hypertension stage two, blood pressure spike and sustained to Systolic 178,etc.)

The fbi terrorists monitor me 24/7 and are no doubt reading this report as I type it.

1-3-17, "Thank You From Geral "

1-2-17, "Evidence of Decadence and Inhumanity"

*** Attacks by 1)DEW 2)Chemicals causing kidney stone and other infirmities 3)Bacterial infections near cerebral and intended to kill**
4)Implantation of tracking devices in skull, causing serious injuries to brain 5) viral infections 6) extreme psychological operations and physical assaults by street thugs and police designed to lead to civil or criminal confinement 7)Manipulations and control of police and medical doctors who write false reports in concerted efforts to disparage & discredit and who actually torture the fbi's Target 8) Toxic fumes pumped into my 20 different residences in 16 years 9) Destruction of my vehicles 10) Send diseased individuals to intentionally infect Target with a variety of communicable diseases.
My medical clearances:

The fbi and their supporters everywhere include all government employees, most civilians, and perhaps even you who read this report.
The two prong crime spree which is unprecedented in human affairs is committed by the fbi with the authority of a corrupt federal magistrate judge ( an fbi operative) threaten all people on earth:
1) terrorist assaults summarized above and in my thousands of posts online, including my sworn Affidavits 2007 & 2014
2) A new, secret, illegal and quasi criminal justice system which I describe here:

I almost never request that readers of my reportd disseminate same, but now I do so request the reader may, because the lives of many are at risk as is the future of our species.

Thank you and may Providence give aid, comfort and blessings to all who suffer under the filthy actions and thoughts of fbi/cia/police and their supporters.

Transfer if you please far & wide.
Special thanks to my dear and beloved best friend BARBARA HARTWELL and to CLIFF HUYLEBROECK.

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