Evidence of Decadence and Inhumanity


See this report on crimes committed against me by fbi and company for 30 years.

At long last I conclude from my own experiences and those of others that our world is ruled by the lowest form of human beings ever to call earth their home. Such pathetic representatives are supported and encouraged in their crimes by the masses through fear and the effects of group think.

I have documented so many crimes against me st al. that even the USDOJ employees and some judges privately express bewilderment at the atrocities that I  endure. Yet, not a single government official publicly call for an independent prosecutor to bring the torturers and murderers to justice.

The worst of our species (homicidal psychopaths, serial killers & sadistic creatures and those who fear them) have seized power globally and they cannot be stopped. 

Many such fiends are associated with fbi/cia and other intelligence groups globally. In many of my reports I outline fbi atrocities which are ongoing today against me and others. I also identify culprits who assist the fbi in their torture program and attempts on my life. I even name and photograph some of the sorry miscreants in my ongoing diaries which are originally entitled, "My Story In Detail". * See also reports from my best friend Barbara Hartwell on topic.

High level police and operatives have harassed me in my home, in public locations, on the streets. Some have threatened to arrest me, but all such threats are never explained and so far never achieved. See my articles on USPI Knipfing, Texas DPS Rodriguez, University of Texas Police Bleier & Wilson, (and Earhart, Trevino), Brownsville, Texas Detective Posada, et al. See how even the Chancellor himself, legal counsel, AG., DA Congress and all judges directly assist the fbi in their many felonies committed in efforts to silence me.

Through all of my travails to survive attacks on me (and on my wife), I have endured the most outrageous behavior imaginable, even by neighbors who are coopted by fbi.
See my reports at for more data on the fbi campaign:

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Some fbi assaults include stacks with bio-chem (including  toxic fumes pumped into my residence at 20 different locations in 16 years     -viral-Directed Energy Weaponry and extreme psychological operations that only a devilish mind could devise.

Thank you and may Providence give aid, comfort and blessings to all who suffer under the filthy actions and thoughts of fbi.



Monday, December 5, 2016
Political Persecution in America & War on Whistleblowers: A Continuing Saga of Terror & Torture

"In my last report, I explained that my best friend and professional colleague of many years, former FBI agent Geral Sosbee, had not been able to speak on the phone since August of this year, because of the fact that the assaults on him by directed-energy weapons had destroyed his hearing.

I had known of this for quite some time, at least going back about 3 or 4 years, as his hearing deteriorated bit by bit. Geral and I used to spend hours on the phone and although the conversations were many times a source of distress for both of us, given the subject matter, that distress was outweighed by the comfort and solace of knowing that there was at least one other person in the world who understands what you are going through, that being targeted by the government for political persecution.

We have both suffered decades of this targeting, retaliation against whistleblowers. And unless you have experienced it (I would not wish it on my worst enemies, no matter how heinous their crimes), there is no way to understand what it is like. The perps of these campaigns against targeted individuals, which are brutal beyond description, have one overriding agenda in mind: 

To totally destroy the Target's life. To ruin the Target, financially, to send him to the depths of emotional despair; to destroy his personal/professional reputation with smear campaigns, to sabotage his relationships, to leave him broken, battered, homeless, destitute and alone in the world. (More details to follow...)

I was pleasantly surprised that one day after I posted my report I received a phone call from Geral. Actually, the call was made by Geral's wife, who is also a dear friend. She too has suffered greatly from the targeting of her husband. She has no connection (and never has had) to the government, nor to his professional endeavors. Do the perps care? No, for she is considered mere “collateral damage” in the war against Geral Sosbee.

They had called to thank me for my report. In order for me to respond, I had to speak to Geral's wife, for he could not hear me. We were only able to stay on the phone for less than 5 minutes. Just hearing Geral's voice was uplifting. But what he said left me in tears as I hung up the phone. 

This was nothing new, he'd said it many times before: That he could not fathom the depth and breadth of the evil that has taken over our country. That the people who would do such things, as terrorizing and torturing their own citizens, destroying lives, killing people, it was something he could not understand. How can anyone be so evil? How can they live with themselves?

I've often heard similar statements, especially from those so targeted. Of course, we KNOW it is happening. We have experienced it firsthand. We have documented it, we have collected as much evidence as we could. We have reported it to various authorities. But it is still difficult, on a deeper level, to comprehend the absolute moral bankruptcy of the perps.

Geral filed a lawsuit, quite a few years ago, all the way up to the Supreme Court. He worked on this, while being harassed, persecuted and assaulted with high-tech weaponry, while being poisoned and drugged. All to no avail. His lawsuit was thrown out by the machinations of corrupt attorneys and judges.

He reported the crimes to members of Congress, to Senators, who are supposed to be his representatives. Nobody would help him.

He reported the crimes to the police. He was insulted, his sanity was impugned, he was threatened by these public servants. But no help ever came.

Going back to his years in the FBI (1971-1978), he reported the internal crimes through proper channels to the Inspector, who happened to be FBI Chief Ted L. Gunderson. His complaints were never even addressed, nor acknowledged."


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