Gralis Talk To Northern Anti-Prohibition Summit

“Hello world, dear creatures, ridiculous morons, God-damned oppressors, blessed comrades, beloved people, nice audience, hi there! The subject matter is getting done with prohibition.

“Hello world, dear creatures, ridiculous morons, God-damned oppressors, blessed comrades, beloved people, nice audience, hi there! The subject matter is getting done with prohibition. In its eightieth year it smells so bad that it requires to put the clothespin on your nose tight enough that you need a moment of concentration before taking it off. That is in short what I want to do with you. Figure out ending it without a shock. We begin with understanding its condition.“ (throws clothespin at cameraman)

“It is reasonable to expect that prohibition is time-symmetric. Like the cold war was time-symmetric. In the middle of its duration it has a point at which it turns from an ideological purpose in itself into a vain effort that is being kept up only for the bargaining with the exemption thereof.“

“These ideological campaigns cannot stand the change of generations. They erode. But the power that executes them does not gradually erode until it finally implodes. If you take as the turning point of the cold war the Battle of the Hotline that ended with the proposal of the Non-Proliferation Treaty then you can see it on the timeline.”

“If we can identify the turning point of prohibition then we can deduce its end point. Whereas end point is to be understood with a reservation, since once it is being grasped that a situation changes the change thereof is different than what it would otherwise be. But unless the haggling dominates the entire narrative, predictions are reliable with a reasonable margin.”

“Before making attempts to spot it, it is necessary to understand what it is. Fundamentally, it is that in capitalism every ideological campaign is for sale, even more so its own ones, and for speculation as well. It comes to a turning point when these executing it cease to understand the untold motivations of their predecessors, as natural fluctuation washes away anything that is not tied to official protocol.”

“From thereon it goes on as if nothing had happened, except that the maths has slightly changed and it is now a bargaining mass to be traded away for other causes. Prohibition has begun as the highest means for the purpose of ideological hegemony, since its turning point it is only one tool thereof that might be traded in for others, higher ones or not.”

“Or not. That depends on arbitrary circumstances. It is crucial that turning point does not mean that the danger from it would have peaked and been going downhill from there. The risk might become even more unpredictable because many more variables are to be factored in. Turning point does not mean easier to handle. See the cold war.”

“For the specific issue of prohibition it means that the condition changed from the aggressor busting everyone it could get at, with a few exceptions here or there for bureaucratic penetration efforts, to an attempt of the apparatus to deceive and manipulate whomever it can get at, and only feed these who do not respond to it at all to brute force repression.”

“In short, we want to determine when exactly turned the damned mess from busting with an appendix of stalking into stalking with an appendix of busting. Given that point, we can then figure out where we are now with regard to an end to it.”

“For example it might turn out that the end is to be expected in a generation. Or that it is already being dragged on since a generation ago. Or we might find out that this point has not yet been passed. But we are here in the circumstances we are because it is self-evident that this point has been passed before anyone came to identify it.”

“The turning point of prohibition is the death of Haile Selassie, the early icon of African independence in the twentieth century, and most notable speaker in the League of Nations, the predecessor of the Unitednations organisation. He died in 1975 when the campaign had lasted for forty years since the 1930s. As you know, when the world was in flames for the last time these claiming to be the least evil of it had no better idea than to harass our sacred herb.”

“After the regime change in Ethiopia no heir on the same level followed up to take over. Not the Ethiopian government, not the African identity, but the Cannabis cause of symbiosis of species as opposed to unfair competition. It remained orphaned on an international level. Non-governmental organisations and individual congregations could not follow up.”

“This being so has several consequences. It is not plausibly possible to pursue a Cannabis crusade like the one Ras Tafari refused to be crowned with by his devoted followers among exile Africans. These days any such effort would end in a horrible penetration mess straight out of the direst warnings on the books. See also children´s crusade.”

“Prohibition can only be rolled back with a singular blast, not with an incremental campaign, because there would be interference to the extent of hostile takeover by other means of cultural hegemony. The stalking, the means of which both prohibition and the corrupt exception thereof have become, must be defeated and not be bargained with.”

“To me this means that I do not have a risk garden because I would be busy with the risk management regardless how tiny I make it. The whole world is my garden, even when it is more difficult to harvest, because then I can balance the risk with myself.”

“I will not be standing at a garden door with the drug squad cops on the other side of the fence and maybe a few witnesses in between, and negotiate whether the written accusations from the telltale about the three hypocrites rallying to tax even the wild herbs gathered by their tribe and thereby abusing their Creator are meant to match their situation with their duplicitous superiors.”

“Why not? Because they are puppets. Dangerous puppets with irresponsible toys but puppets. As opposed to independent minds like the herb demands. I am busy standing at the gates of hell telling the devils to abstain from taking their toll of this world. I can keep them busy until telling that there is no parasitic scum among us for them to take is the truth.”

“But in doing so I rely upon you. I pray to God that he may forgive them, and yet I am neither lax nor lenient. I pray to God Almighty that he may forgive them any and every other wrongdoing in their lives, so they can be held accountable purely for this conspiracy without any distraction by vanities. But it is our turn to deliver them there and not the other way round.”

“Let me paint this clear to yo. When prohibition is nearing its end, it has become next to all bargaining with nearly no ideology left. In a sane system without any monopolisation of violence this would imply accordingly reduced efforts, but not so in capitalism. This means that there is an ideological and material set-up designed to mislead us into bargains exchanging legalisation for loyalty.”

“I deliberately say legalisation in order to illustrate the entire nonsense of it. Of course I do not want a Cannabis regulation law, but I want the prohibition legislation to be scrapped without replacement, and everyone to adhere to common sense to get along with the sacred plants. I remind you that the last Catholic Pope had to resign because he offended the survivors of sexualised abuse by his clergy with the claim that he wanted to reconcile with them, instead of asking for forgiveness.”

“We do not owe anything to the executioners of prohibition, not even mentioning their names. By the way the devils already did. But they are all about bargaining. Never forget, while to us they are a despicable aberration, in their perception we are to them the once in a lifetime cheap opportunity. They invested a lot of vain speculation into laying out a bridge of bargaining into nowhere.”

“Hence I propose, for the purpose of public instruction, we do with the bargaining set as we want to be done with the prohibition law. When the Soviets came to Berlin, one of the first things they did was to tell their best allies there to disband their vigilance committees. Why? To set a standard for all the legacy organisations from the Hitler years.”

“The cleanest kid had to wash its hands first for the others to be taught to do the same. Reports of the time however say many did not see worthy purpose in it and chose blanket resignation. It came as if you were to push a teacher to give a showcase lesson by enforcing an interrogation with a hidden camera – inferior result by inferior approach.”

“We are going to use the bargaining mis-investment as instructional material to teach the public what to do with the prohibition state, its staff, its buildings, propaganda and other assets. Then let us see whether they like to continue to violently pretend that they had already got the lessons they need.”

“You remember, when we taught them how to reduce forest fires with a simple method recycling spent clothing, they pretended they would already have gotten it until they annoyed even the widows at the coffee table. You know the luminescent in concrete spray-paint reacts with the chlorophyll in tree bark in a way that it self-ignites from the bite of a specific beetle, unless someone wound a strip of spent clothing around it to block it from climbing up. Never spray-paint any trees, it does kill them. Yet instead of getting that, these imbeciles did destructive nonsense with spent clothing.”

“Now, we will be teaching them how to dismantle an historical aberration. But since they abused the very logic of purpose and means we are required to work outside of it. We will not teach them a means for an end, as with rational people. We will treat them as morons and thereby finally make the bargaining mis-investment a means to achieve an end. We make it a showcase prototype for dismantling the capitalist state.”

“Then they can chose what is worth more to them, because either we dismantle the bargaining mis-investment to teach a lesson on dismantling, or they dismantle their capitalist state, without any cover-up of course, so we do not need to. But it is their choice. At least one of the two is to be discontinued.”

“The revolution is not to be blogged. The revolution will not be televised. There will be no Cannabis crusade for the cameras and corporate liars. There will be a dismantling of the prohibition apparatus and toxic monopoly of violence. The first will be the last, and the last will be the first when the truth is being put from its head onto its feet. Either the capitalist state declares its own end, or else we will reject the whole bargaining set.”

“As a proof that I am alive and serious, I lead you to grave of the last person that was. Cannabis prohibition became possible because Jiddu Krishnamurti did not close the door before he disbanded his society. A lookalike then stirred up so much unrest that it served as a smokescreen for the sacrilegious effort.”

“I am disbanding my society with closing the door. The echoes of the anticipated slamming thereof have already shaken your city. Do not believe any of the rumours. I closed everything smoothly. They are all cooked up with the blood of the vast majority of the world´s population. I disband my society once and for all.”

“Why? I cite you an example from my very field of expertise. When you look at the remainder of the imperial Roman security fence through the heart of Europe then you can recognise the traces from beyond its turning point as well, when racism against the Northern people had made way for triangulation of their economies as the motive of operation.”

“Every once in a while along the historical line, there is a watchtower remnant in a place impossible to defend itself against an attack. Militarily spoken, instant reinforcement was on hold all the time through communication links between the buildings, so a crew could afford to sit in a place where it would not see an attacker from a distance. But if it was a watchtower, what did it watch?”

“These buildings contained a dozen or so legionaries who were not imperial citizens but foreign contractors from other tongues of Europe on long-term hire with an imperial pension fund. What did they watch? From the basic configuration and placement of the architecture we can see that they were there not to defend a diplomatic line but to terrorise the inhabitants of the place.”

“It was just like today. Such are modern societies depending upon instant reinforcement through mass communication. They contain unsustainable elements which cannot defend themselves against Nature. And by the latter I do not mean cutting the trees growing your way but preventing the climate from threatening your existence.”

“By its very structure, that kind of society is a threat to freedom of movement and peaceful life surrounding it, hence a dead end, to be disbanded just like the vigilance committees in your city at the end of the last war, only maybe with a bit more insight in the meaning and purpose thereof and a little less frustration.”

“Krishnamurti, let there be no doubt, underestimated human stupidity. He assumed no human being would be so stupid to deliberately conspire to collectively behave more stupid than the human species. As some already knew back then this is wrong and stupidity is endless. But he was born on a cultural fault line between two civilisations and meant to be encouraging.”

“When the capitalist state is dismantled, everyone can witness us revering the plants as they deserve for what they have done for our species, whenever we do it open for public, because we can know that the public is sane. If you need to look at us to get an idea of God, practice with Nature how to behave accordingly.”

“But at this point the public is infected with conspiracies and it is necessary for the most sane thereof – which to some of these standing behind me is still insane, but there we are – for the most sane thereof to set a positive example showing the way for all of them.”

“Look, I have a record of a distant ancestor, older than the rest I mentioned. It says he had to walk away after an initiation ritual, and it mercilessly recounts an incredible number of avoidable mistakes made in its run-up. Can you trust me that I first walk away, or do you trust yourself even less than me that you expect me to be fed up quicker than you can pronounce my name?”

“I know that return means reversal and the first things are to be the last. I disband my society to retreat into myself, to extract all things alien from my life and subsist on my own with everyone´s average share. I do not set a time frame for restart, but the less it is being pushed for the more likely that it is going to be shorter than expected.”

“As the saying goes, where two or three deadlines have been missed, yet another one does not bother much. What matters way more just right now is that we get prohibition scrapped as soon as possible. Because Abolition is a prerequisite of representation and not the other way round. More than that, it is what I like to represent with all my heart and soul.”

“God Almighty, let me have a worthy cause and I am your deepest servant. It is this condition in which we categorically do not like anyone to represent anything to us in front of the plants. It is not the plants who have a lost benefit of the doubt to fill up. It is the prohibitionists, and it is our duty to review them in order to ensure that they properly do so.”

“When we abolish the capitalist state that brought about prohibition and is now attempting to trade it for false loyalty, we allow everyone who is less guilty than the most innocent person among the dead guilty to abjure with witnesses and live on. Unless you are an activist official, your servitude is not going to harm you.”

“Everyone is encouraged to prepare for Abolition. The state is to be extracted from the society, there is to be a healing period which already requires the full availability of the herb, and when any implication of causal connection has ebbed off something fresh may begin. Then I am going to be available. But for the time in between you have to suffice yourself with the recipe.“

“The reason for this is very simple. I need to purge my life from what the totalitarian state left there despite my unequivocal signals. The quicker it can be dismantled the quicker its traces can be extracted and authenticity restored. This is not a matter of a defined amount of time but of availability of protocol data for checksum verification.”

“I just tell you one more point on the history of your city. When Bersarin disbanded your vigilance committees, he was true although he did not have his explanation alright. Nearly a decade later, when Stalin approached his death, he was haunted so badly by remorse that he pardoned a few of the political prisoners he had ordered to be arrested even though his secret service was not interested in them.”

“His successor then had them arrested once more for formal reasons, only to pardon them again soon thereafter but this time together with a greater batch, leaving some of them totally confused. Can you now see what was wrong with Stalin? He kept his best friends as poker cards up his sleeves. Yet his man in Berlin did exactly the opposite and emptied his sleeves for everyone to witness. The people matter more than the nomenclature.”

“Nobody helped me to where I am now. And if anyone had wanted to, how would they know? And if anyone messed it up, how would it be help? No serious aid at all. Quite the contrary. So, no. We won´t go from a shouting match into unity of body and mind. It is better to wait a while until everything got silent for as long as desired plus a little more, like we desire it for our whole lives, and only then make the next step in fresh awareness. Was it not that way the last time it worked for everyone?”

“I see in your faces that you have arrived at a rhetorical question. It must only be done that way as there is no reliable reference. Our collective memory from the last time the plants really were free in all dimensions of the concept is more omission than information. Opposite choices are just too chaotically intertwined to separate them in one strike. Anything could happen, not only in a bad sense though.”

“With the prohibition overstretch the capitalist state is pursuing a bargain it cannot survive. Once enough people realise that they are being offered for trade what anyway belongs to them, then its days are going to be numbered. From the timeline you see that we now are at the entrance of it.”

“Unless a later turning point is suggested, of course. I make no such proposal, it would be up to you to find one. But while overstretch may be going on and on with no destination line on the clockwork, it only does so if too few take notice. A known overstretch is much more calculable because the causal resonance frame is tighter.”

“And that is what I am asking for. No evil assassinations. No imitative lies. No contagious hypocrisy. If you understand what I said then you will be contributing to a smoother orientation towards consensual Abolition. When ideology is all spent and the unfair bargain with the continuity thereof is all rejected, the prohibition state will be finished. And. Deservedly. So. Thanks.”

Thursday, Dec 29th 2016


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