Fbi are cyber criminals


After decades of inhumane assaults on me by fbi, their thugs now try illegally to block or ban the biography of GERAL SOSBEE which was originally produced by courtesy of Mr. CLIFF HUYLEBROECK.

Evidence of cyber crime by fbi

The ban or block image shown on this report was fraudulently fabricated by fbi after their agents hacked and deleted the biography of GERAL SOSBEE which was originally produced by courtesy of Mr. CLIFF HUYLEBROECK of Belgium.The link to CLIFF's work is


For the record I add the following data to the biography:

I served as Adjunct Professional Instructor of Law at various colleges and universities, and as instructor of English at many locations. I was often referred to as Dr. Sosbee by academics; many students sometimes addressed me as professor Sosbee, though I never claimed that title.

The name SOSBEE may not be of Romanian origin, but I am trained by fbi as a linguist in that language; my record of military service to the corrupt and overthrown regime of USA is unambiguously shown here:

My experience as a police instructor is documented by fbi records (along with 3 personal letters of commendation from the fbi Director) and by my own activities with police. See

The fbi torturers & assassins apparently seek to hide my life's work because my accomplishments contradict existentially the fbi's own extensive misrepresentations of my work.

The fbi for 30 years has engaged in atrocities against me and I consider my intellectual battle against fbi assassins to be the single most everlasting, profound and meaningful accomplishment of my life.

Thank you CLIFF HUYLEBROECK for all of your considerable and painstaking labors to present the biography of GERAL SOSBEE.

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