The American Dream 'Mare'


The American Dream is for millions a nightmare, as orchestrated by fbi.

The American Dream 'Mare'.

The fbi & its police state converts the concept of The American Dream into a nightmare for millions of diligent, well meaning, innocent and hard working persons.

In my case, a lifetime of labor and service is turned upside down by the psychopaths of the fbi for political purposes. Torture, attempts on my life and destruction of all that I achieved are a microcosm of the global murderous agenda of USA's intelligence community worldwide.
When the fbi in its ongoing 24/7/365, for 30 years campaign to imprison or kill or silence me fails, the fbi sends USPI and others to threaten me with vague notions of national security. See how the *Postal Inspectors commit crimes against me, cover up crimes by fbi and continue today (for 3 and  1/2 years) to unlawfully ignore open records laws and threaten me for my reports of fun and USPI crimes.

See also my sworn Affidavits  2007, 2014

For more specifics see "My Story In Detail" and thousands of posts, articles, papers and documentaries on line, at my main site at SOSBEE v fbi and at academy edu.

The bigger threat to all:

The secrets of fbi's Serial killers:


Thank you and may Providence give aid, comfort and blessings to all who suffer under the filthy actions and thoughts of fbi worldwide.


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