Fbi's Trump Card


Beware the twilight of the encroaching oppression of mankind's free will.

Hillary was defeated by the fbi because the Trump agenda better aligns with the objective of USA 's intelligence agencies than the other regime. That objective is world inhumane domination at any cost as enforced by the psychopaths of fbi & cia.

One may reasonably expect the fbi to enjoy close ties to Putin and others in order to effect a world lockdown of resistance fighters. The apparent and intended result of coordinated world assaults on selected Targets is the termination of man's free will. High tech attacks & clandestine murders ...
...are to be expanded and nuclear threats redoubled. Police atrocities are to surge.

Thank you and may Providence give aid, comfort and blessings to all who suffer under the filthy actions and thoughts of fbi, cia and their fiendish friends in England, Germanu, France, Italy, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Russia, et al.

International Politics and Economics
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