Government by subtle lying

In so-called freeword lies and misuse of language constitute the gist of politics. Together with intimidation and hostile actions USA spent billions on propaganda against Cuba for decades. Mighty State bent on overcoming tiny "Perla de las Antillas"

Government by subtle lying

Fernando García Izquierdo

A foreword.
My purpose herein is to speak of the language (words and combinations of words) and the use of language, by the usurpers of power, as another instrument for perpetuating their domination over the people whom they exploit, seeking gain, accumulation of wealth.
All this embodies, as we shall see, a kind of soft violence of which nobody speaks or which few recognise as most damaging violence. I am not speaking of outright (or common) lying, nor of clear criminal violence (through wars, destruction and killing in which the said usurpers constantly indulge.) My interest in this article is only (or mainly) to unveil to the public the use by those in power of malicious propaganda through –I repeat- distortion of a particular (social) element, the language.
I shall try to limit the theme of my article to the consideration of this sort of violence, which is absolutely unbearable and does, besides, metamorphose ‘the public’ into ‘sheep’.

An instrument.
Yes, the way said usurpers utilise LANGUAGE in order to ensure they shall ‘eternally’ rule and reign in our so-called free world, the way the malevolent hidden forces have transformed public communication into insidious propaganda, destroying the first thing that made us human... is a thing that should now be studied by our wise men and women, at least by those that still denounce crime and are not content with following the norm (dogma) of churches and platforms of the bourgeoisie and the aristocracy of old.
If you listen to the radio, as I do, every morning (inhabitant that I am of the so-called free world) it will have become apparent to you that almost everything that is said is utterly devoid of substance, in first place, is absolutely tendencious, trying to direct you against goodness and reason (second) and it transforms you into a parrot through the constant, repetitive advertising, which is the same as capitalism.
Thus our very workers, even redundant labourers who live on charity, have completely swallowed the lie. In the Paris suburbs, for instance, they have so changed that (I have heard) almost ninety percent of them are now going to vote for outright fascism. In the coming general elections, a woman from the extreme right is likely to be elected.
Like fish they are acting, the kind of people whom (when I was a child) “fueron en tropel” up the craggy mountains of Guadarrama to give their lives to stop fascism, coming from Valladolid (July 1936), for a day or two and thus save Madrid, perhaps save the Republica, save Europe, save the World.

Swallow now right-wing propaganda.
I have heard the French ‘republican’ authorities are encouraging the use of “numérique” so that propaganda circulates freely. They have installed television sets in most suburban soup kitchens, visited by the impoverished workers and the unemployed once or twice a day, so that they will continue swallowing the lie while they eat a hot meal.
I am not very well acquainted with the state of capitalism today, but I know it is worse that yesterday and, with all certainty it will be worse tomorrow. Now, let me ask, which is the word all freeworlders use, and have used these seventy years, and utilised precisely (this is great) to subdue, to keep the pauper in his poverty and the rich man in the position he has usurped?
Not the slightest doubt, that word is FREEDOM. Sometimes alone: “Freedom, Freedom!” like the slaves with Spartacus, sometimes in elaborate sentences, slogans many.

Let us see ‘freedom’ under capitalism.
In our capitalist society the people are irretrievably divided into two antagonistic categories, classes, if you want. This division (which should not exist) becomes unacceptable if you add that the masses are confronted by a minority who are known as the élite of the nation.
The latter class owns, amongst an infinite number of commodities, all the means of production; and the former, who in general terms are the workers, all the workers of different categories (formerly the saying ‘peasants and workers’), appear in the process of production to serve their masters. Since the subdued class is composed of dispossessed men and women (I repeat), can they truly be free?
Again, when in the process of production, the capitalist on the one hand and the workers on the other come together to start WORKING, capital is the master and labour is the party deprived of what in Marxian thought we call “all ornament of property”, meaning that they are “naked”.
Vulgar economists say that the worker enters ‘le contrat de travail’ FREELY. nobody forces him to accept, etc.
And the LAW is mentioned. Everything is done ‘under the law’, they say. They call it, the law of the nation. The Rascals are lying. They now want to win through the use and misuse of the language. Slogans are invented; the words law and nation embues us with a sort of reverential awe. Nothing can be wrong. And God is above us.
However the law, it has been known for three centuries, is made by the usurper in order precisely to make the poor stay in their poverty and the rich in the enjoyment of their wealth, and no religious superstition has been valid for anything since the ‘Siècle de Lumières’. Ah! but the capitalists are now above that. Now they tergiversate.
The capitalists, who are in a position of power, use in their slogans the words freedom, free, “libertad”, etc. Even when, in our world, the workers enter into a working contract, they are being submerged with slogans: liberty is sacred, a gift from above, freedom is the more manly quality, we all fight to be free, it is only dogs that wear chains, our ancestors fought for freedom, the glorious revolution of 1789… there are more than a thousand ways the Scoundrels utilise and have utilised the language to enslave. As for the actual moment of the signature under the law of the working contract between two disparate parties, it is clear the said contract is an act of robbery.

And it is disgraceful.
Go into the streets of Paris or any other capitalist-imperialist city, now paradoxically so reduced to misery, despite the EMPIRE, and ask the workers or ex-workers, paupers or badly-paid men and women servants in the process of joining the poorest of the poor, say, Cleveland or any other of those American cities we saw thanks to Michael Moore’s films; walk through Charleroi, Duisburg, Essen, Sheffield, etc... and I assure the reader that one of the first things they will answer you is: “But at least we are not enslaved by communism. We live in a FREE country.”
When Mr. Trump, the multibillionaire was made president, people were voting for him because said gentleman represented for them a world of freedom. “Me too, I can become a billionaire.”

The use of words to tell lies.
Crimes are constantly committed by capitalism utilising the word ‘’freedom’, and we do not even notice it. Language is being used by the powers-that-be (enslaving their people still more.) Freedom, Democracy, Choice, Liberty, Flexibility, Elections, and several hundred more, all shrouded in long strings of lies, professional writers making them beautiful… so that “our betters” can tighten the stranglehold, so that our governments can proceed to dominate and destroy other nations while taking their own “misérables” into the army to serve as auxiliaries of the Imperialists.

Outright fascism.
When the Italians of the thirties so gladly joined ‘I fascisti’ and crossed the Mediterranean to conquer the ‘provinces’ (as they said) of Somalia, Abyssinia, Cyrenaica, they thought they were free because they had persistently been told they were. “Avvanti condottieri”.
When the German Third Reich invaded Eastern Europe, the people flocking behind the leader, again language with a string of lies. It was said in the postwar period in the late forties and early fifties that all the countries of what was already called the free world rushed to copy the twisted use of language employed by the German Goebbles (now a dead Nazi) who had been Minister of Propaganda of the rightly defeated Third Reich.
When the British and the French embarked upon the job of invading the same Cyrenaica (Libya) to murder the legitimate president and commit a lot of crimes, their poor minds had been shaped by official propaganda which had made them believe that theirs was a “civilising mission”.
And after much blood and ruin all over the Middle East and Central Africa the hidden forces, through literary propaganda again, succeeded in convincing half the nation (in France and I guess also in England, etc.) that:
“Oh, no, no! It isn’t us, we’re not guilty. It was not our fault. It was Putin!”

Capitalist regime equals fascism.
Having shown how the regimes (let us now use the proper word) installed by occult devils in London, and in Washington banks, Paris, Berlin, etc., utilise the word “freedom” to their advantage, I guess I shall have great difficulty now in speaking of FASCISM, which the capitalists now throw away like a hot potato that burns their fingers, forgetting that Krupps, Siemens, Bayer, etc were the first supporters of fascism-nazism. Because fascism, on the other hand, is a word so difficult to define that, although I have lived for many decades, long ago, under the boot of fascism, I still do not know how to deal with the subject.
In a few words, the Italian term “fascismo” was coined by Benito Mussolini in Milan, in 1902. The etymology of the word is “fasces”, an instrument used in ancient Rome to make wars and build an empire; it conveys authority on the one side and submission of the people on the other.

There was at that time a Spanish fascism, Hungarian, a Japanese one, etc. And of course, German fascism, which was called by Adolf Hitler, “nazism”, because being the German like the English a more hypocritical race than the Latins, the Führer wanted to make sure that his party, which won a general election, would appear as national socialist, nazi.
After the Battle of Stalingrad, in 1943, things changed. Not for the French, of course, who then lived under German yoke, but for all those quarters in the West that, until then, had been thinking of a compromise with Hitler. Remember that since the eighteen-forties they feared the spectre of communism. The doubt.

The word “fascism”.
Through a great part of the twentieth century many groups and political parties NOW freely parading in the streets of Berlin, Rome, Vienna, Copenhagen… and, (after escaping from Communism) Warsaw, Budapest and others were called by everyone (including the members themselves) neonazi or neofascist. Some of these groups and parties still exist, but to find the movement acceptable you have to dress them diifferently and they call themselves POPULISTS.
This word suits the hidden forces magnificently. I have known, since the War of Spain, that the powers-that-be, in what we call the free world, love to have the freedom of getting hold of fascist groups for specific missions. It is well known, for instance that in the forties and fifties De Gaulle (in France) was helped by a fascistic party to get rid of communists inter alia.

Revolution that glory brings.
When, among weapons of another kind, the language is used criminally to destroy a glorious revolution, what can the reaction of a thinking person be? You see a country, Cuba, coming out by itself from an inferno created by man. The world of hypocrisy and exploitation feels displeased, calls the liberation movement, to be followed by reconstruction, an act of anarchy, or whatever term they choose (one of the first actions by the United States of America was to convene a set of paid writers who printed a mountain of lies) and the liberated people is accused of committing all sorts of crimes.
They are of course victims of capitalism-imperialism.

The Cuban Revolution is one of the most perfect collective achievements in modern history. For one thing, that a handful of ‘guerrilleros’, with nothing but their own personal conscience and power, might have succeeded in uniting the nation behind them, and then that the whole nation, the little Pearl of the Caribbean, should have achieved real democracy, deserves one sure exclamation GLORIA CUBA!!!
Yes, Mister Trump, there are things to fight for, not only buying cheap and selling dear!
Of course, Cuba is a democracy. Of course, the United States is NOT. It is only through lying, millions and billions of dollars spent in literary propaganda (inter alia) that our dehumanised species goes about repeating that America, as they say, is a Paradise.

Guerrillas become the PEOPLE.

For another, that those valiant guerrillas should have secured for the people not the yellow metal, not the vice and horror always accompanying capitalism, but a democracy so pure that most Gringo politicians and others of the same ilk, seeing the Cubans acting together, were suddenly seized with such a rage and such a fear, that I have heard the shout. “No, no! Not in our back yard, not in our back yard!
How can they comprehend the Cuban revolution? Look at their history. Like in the history of all colonising powers, invasions, migrations, spoliation, plunder and in the end blood, much killing.
In the Cuban revolution, the question is SOCIAL PROGRESS, the only progress worth attaining, specially in the twenty-first century when to save our planet is our greatest need, not to conquer Mars or look for human lives in other galaxy, or innovation in the way of making babies of this or that genetic characteristics.
Let me repeat (it is important we learn this), it is not a question of Banks and Finance, Wall Street, Games, and chicanery; not a question of individually maximising profits, but of collectively progressing and saving the earth. Yet we
to have to hear paid sycophants, every day (or read their indecent articles) vomiting venom and lying about little peaceful Cuba.

Cuba has been speaking to the world.
The Cubans have these days been going around the country following the ashes of Fidel Castro as in the fifties they followed the ‘guerrilleros’ to victory…, and ever after acted united to try to make sure their Revolution succeeded.
As for the revolution, when Fidel and the handful of guerillas began to descend from the mountains, the people understood. This for me is of the most importance, THE PEOPLE UNDERSTOOD.
On the peaks of the sierra, along the coast, in the valleys and plains, from village to village, in towns and cities, everywhere the people hastened to join the guerrillas, all fighting for Life and Revolution. New multitudes all the time ready to join the advancing masses. Habitations, plazas, province after province, all were being liberated by the guerrillas, by the people, by the Cubans. Voilà the heroes of the revolution.
All this belongs to HISTORY. Nothing in what we are seeing implies that there was not greed among some Cubans. Who can say that there shan’t be many traitors in any social movement? Those years were difficcult for the Cubans. Traitors to a revolution? Let them go wherever they belong.
The United States, of course. America! America! America! I know what that meant. I read the literature, those many books paid with the universal measure of exchange and value which is now (as I write) destroying the world. I CHOSE FREEDOM!... me too, me too, me too…

From submission to revolution.

Cuba only won her independence (from Spain) in 1898. Many Cubans gave their lives for their freedom, the freedom of the country, one of them José Martí, hero and martyr, whom all Cubans love.

They won independence. And to think that the noble Cuban people were confronted then by a northern neighbour that, as from that momment, began and would become the most criminal of all imperialist powers ever!
The United States has repeatedly said they are pounding on the pretty “Perla de las Antillas” because they fear communism.
“A spectre is haunting Europe – the spectre of communism. All the powers of old Europe have entered into a holy alliance to exorcise this spectre.” Manifesto of the Communist Party”, December 1847 – January 1848.

On the subject of the language being used and misused by those that know how to talk and how to write ‘finissimo’, and in order to conclude with the theme of this article, let me talk of… exactly what I heard last week, on the French public radio.
A series of disgraceful speeches. Unbelievable though it may sound directed against the man, whose death was the occasion for all Cuba to show respect and affection to him, the man, Fidel Castro.

There is going to be a presidential election here April/May and the atmosphere , in consequence, is overcharged. The way the French are governed, the abuse and mistreatment of workers and nonworkers alike does not seem to affect our ‘importantissimo’ personages.
In nine years the workers have been deprived of work, so essential, and of the rights that their ancestors acquired struggling like the Cubans for a better life (note that centuries ago, during the so-called ‘Siècle de Lumières, they were the first in the world to acquire rights which they are losing.)
If you are not French and come here for a visit, say, you will see that north, south, east and west, the country is in a catastrophic state. Nobody is doing anything serious about it. They all are trying to see if CHARITY will save the nation.
But it happens that for something that would be too long to explain, Monsieur Hollande (everybody knows how he was selected some years ago) is packing off and, to follow for the time being law and custom, a new president must prepare to enter the scene. The new man or woman will probably not represent any substantial change; but the law is the law.

French politicians on the move.
The date when the man or woman designed for President will be known by the public is May 5. But in the meantime at present there are many “Light pretenders”, who for the last fifteen months (and this will continue until the end) have been showing their faces.
There are above a score of canditates taking part in this tremendous show. As time goes by the numbers and value of these contenders varies, as is only natural, but in the meantime we have them showing their mugs almost continually, one goes and another comes sort-of-thing.
The important tthing to retain here about these individuals is that they talk all the time. Everybody knows that it is pure palaver, but it doesn’t matter. The presentation of persons that are expected to be seen prominently next year as “politicians” is what all this SHOW is about.

Anyhow, I wanted to give to those not familiar with French politics and French DEMOCRACY just an ‘aperçu’ of the sort of “freedom of choice” the French enjoy, before I enter the subject (concerning France in particular) of how the language is used and misused in this the fourth most important country of the West.

French candidates talking about Cuba.
I felt furious hearing twenty or twenty-five “candidates” talking disrespectfully about Cuba during the three days that followed the death of the man that all Cubans love. All repeating like parrots the same lies, or, if you prefer the same conventional wisdom, referring to the “REGIME of the Castros”, saying that Fidel Castro was a dictator, and so is his brother, that Castro was a tyrant, greedy, stalinist, immoral if you dig into his “doings”, greedy for fame, and the whole string of fabricated indecency, probably following implicit instructions of some U.S. propaganda agencies of which we now know thanks to so-called whistle-blowers.

Personal profit is all the time being sought. The “candidates”, what do they expect to gain by telling their public these lies about the Cuban nation?
As I have already said, they rushed to make their horrible tirades, expecting to be paid in due course when a new government is formed in June. In the meantime millions get to know daily that they are definitely anticomunist.
For we live in the free world in which, probably since Bretton Woods, certainly since Fulton-Missouri, the motto has been “Down with communism”.
To think that Fidel’s death has been taken by some as an opportunity to make a profession of anticommunism in the hope of signalling thereby to the hidden forces that control our society that they would be suitable ministers or members of the government to be formed in 2017!

An appendix.
Haiti. This is the nearest country to Cuba, apart from the Colossus of the north. It used to be a colony of France. The rich citizens of the metropolis wanted to have sugar to sweeten their succulent meals. Soldiers and sailors occupied the land for their masters, brought slaves from Africa, and the rest. Then came one day when the French (at home) made a revolution, just as the brave Cubans did another day in due course. The French revolutionaries paraded their revolution around the world: Italy, Spain, Austria, etc. The people everywhere acclaimed them, because they heard their song: “liberty, equality, fraternity” they all shouted.

The inhabitants of the French colony of Haiti were slaves of the rich colonisers; that is, among other things, they worked twelve hours a day to grow and harvest the sugar that sweetened the food and drinks of wealthy Frenchmen and their families in the colony and in the metropolis.
The slaves, seeing their masters, the soldiers and the others, talking so enthusiatically of the dignity of all men and women, as the French know how to talk, intellectuals saying “L’homme est né libre… demanded their freedom, their dignity, their human rights.
The people in Haiti won their revolution, just as, much later the Vietnamese would win theirs and the same in many other nations… and, Glory to the Human Race for it. The ones that would never win theirs are the Red Indians in the United States, Aborigines in Australia, etc. because some Europeans long ago or recently conquered their lands – “res nullius”, they said.
The History of Haiti’s revolution is a tragedy that makes one (as I learned in my Castillian mother tongue) “cry tears of blood.” The French “soldiers of the revolution” by then already had the Civil Code, “le Code Napoléon”.
It may happen that the reader has read the mentioned code. It is still extant today, ‘mutati mutandis’. It can be summarised in a few sentences. The first and most important is this: The Sacred Right of Property shall Prevail.
In brief: Imagine you go from the French to the English (who are the cleverest in this.) Right is right and first of all private property. And the LAW is to rule. The French Revolutionaries were faced with the victory of the Haiti Revolutionaries. Very well, give them independance and force them to fulfil their obligations. Now the sacred right of property obliges the Blacks to pay the value of the Whites former property, of land, etc.
In other words, the people of Haiti were given their liberty and their land, but the land was mortgaged for life. The freed people would never never be able to fulfill their obligations: they worked and worked and could not pay, that is to say, they worked and worked, and paid and paid and paid and paid… and there was no money left for anything else.


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