DLANZ Disabled and Kauri Issues volume 8 DLANZ Disabled stand with Standing Rock Warriors of the Rainbow unite in Solidarity


Indigenous Struggle, Social Justice Environmental Concerns over-arched and underpinned by Disability Doctrines and Disabled Beliefs are encapsulated in DLANZ regular irregular review for 2015/16. Some are Communiqués, some; more in-depth’.

Indigenous Struggle Whanau...been on various news outlets but / engarei this piece reminded me of The Tuhoe Raids...quoting...''Heavily-militarized police decked in riot gear and armed to the teeth, arrived by MRAP and other military-grade vehicles to a Dakota Access Pipeline construction site — not to crack down on a violent and destructive riot — but to break up … a peaceful prayer gathering. Standing Rock, situated in North Dakota USA, is where Native Americans have united to stand against the installation of pipelines on sacred ground.....this Stand has also been supported by environmental groups and shows where common interests prevail...Solidarity is Strength, which is something Disabled Liberation Aotearoa NZ DLANZ looks to see here in Aotearoa NZ..''.

What concerns DLANZ is that we see President-elect Donald Trump endorsing these actions and plans to have them implemented once sworn in....not a good look Whanau. Also no Standing Rock questions during those election debates show any answer by either Democrats or Republicans on long standing Indigenous issues. Both Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton and their parties should never forget this was under both their watch and New Zealanders have joined international support for the Native American protests through social media and online fundraising. Māori protesters travelled to Standing Rock to support the demonstrators. As a part of international solidarity for indigenous rights.

Standing Rock is a good catalyst for anti establishment actions...involving indigenous struggle with environmental concerns....as like Waitangi... Disabled and Indigenous are linked to the Whenua of every Sovereignty......Peace Love and Planet Arohanui.....keep smiling

8 November 2015 Media & Reviews DLANZ Disabled critical of Radio NZ item ''Family stunts growth of severely disabled daughter'' 28 October 2015
This 'Ashley Treatment' is a perverse form of Eugenics and Genocide backed by a Media badly trained in the area of Disability Awareness. World Theories causes Chaos ''...it’s comparable to the practice of enforced female circumcision'' DLANZ

19 November 2015 Protest & Revolution DLANZ Disabled Boycott NZ Flag Referendum Return to Sender No Thank You Thank You Very Much
John Key is NOT Elvis Presley…Flag the Referendum as a low or no voter turnout will send a real signal from a disenchanted Voting Public. From In the Ghetto, Disabled have had enough. John Key is acting like a Roman Caesar no thanks.

3 December 2015 Opinion & Blogs DLANZ Disabled celebrate International Day of Disability / Hauaa Music is the Word as Songs for Peace

Today, 3 December 3, 2015 is International Day for People with Disabilities Auckland Radio Waatea celebrate this event interviewing a community organization who assist young disabled (age 6-25 years), to express themselves through music

16 February 2016 Government & Law No Way says Doug Hay - DLANZ Disabled Citizen Rejects NZ Jury Service

I feel it is not disabled who are ‘retarded’, but it’s the system that is ‘sick’ So before I could ever trust your system again, it has a Crown whom operate with integrity by honoring ‘our’ NZ Disability Strategy / Whakanui Oranga 2001,

4 April 2016 Media & Reviews DLANZ Disabled say TVNZ Kiwimeter belittles Maori and ignores Disabled

Is it deliberate as a distraction? DLANZ feel it is
16 June 2016 Government & Law DLANZ Conflicting Models of Disability and World Theories Causing CHAOS for Disabled around the World...State the Obvious

Those who do not remember the past are condemned to relive it. (W.Shirer 1960) ‘’The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich’’

29 November 2016 Opinion & Blogs DLANZ Media Sports Watch Scenes of Corruption and Hooliganism like a Movie
e.g. Rio Olympics plus UEFA Soccer Cup The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Views from the Disabled Couch I could have thought I was watching a JAMES BOND movie with all the lead up


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