Mad world, bad composition

During the 2Oth century billions were spent in anticommunist propaganda, until there were almost no communists left . Fascism now holds power in former Satellite countries. Reaction has been struggling to take command all over the planet since 1945.

Mad world, bad composition.

Fernando García Izquierdo

Not to be forgotten.
The importance and power of fascism as a political force is growing, a fascism which for the time being will not avow its real nature, which comes before the public dressed in sheep’s clothing, ready to conquer the Free World.
This is now quite evident in France, the country where I live. There is going to be a presidential election here next year and, among the forces which have descended upon the arena, there are at least three (two men and a woman) whose political parties ten or twelve years ago were singing the praises of Hitler’s “Nationalsozialismus” and Mussolini’s “Fascismo”.
The leader of what is known as the French National Party, then, went as far as denying in his speeches that there had been (in 1939-1945) cremation of Jews, communists and gypsies, among other things.
Nowadays the descendants of that neonazi hero would take you to a court of justice for defamation of character, if you dared to use the terms “nazism” or “fascism” in reference to the party or the present candidate.

Fascism enters the presidence of freeworld countries.
In fact fascism has been thriving among us since the start of the Cold War in the forties, when the West, rejecting Josef Stalin’s offer to engage both sides (both systems, capitalism and communism) in PEACEFUL COMPETITION, excluding all kinds of bellicose confrontation.
That is to say, it was clear that there was to be competition, specially in the realm of political thought, culture and science; yet war should be avoided. There was (we are talking of 1945) the obvious fact of two antagonistic systems of society. Let me explain the advantages that both systems offer, capitalism – communism.
The sacred cow adored in our world, capitalism was FREEDOM; while for communism it was the necessary DISTRIBUTION of created riches. Let the world coming out of centuries of colonialism choose. Of course (under any circumstance) there would be conflict, there should be competition.
No use. History shows how Stalin’s offer, the position of the communist was rejected. There shall be war, was the response. In which we all, east west north and south embarked on a race for re-armament and war.

It was the West that chose war.
Hardly one year had passed since the greatest collective tragedy for the human race and we chose war, war, always war… a human race of savages!! led by instinct, not by reason. We preferred blood, destruction… worse than animals.
“Cry havoc, Kings! back to the stained fields! Then, let confusion of one part confirm the other’s place. Till then blows, blood and death.” (Shakespeare).
Always, the challenge represented by fascism which, after the war, went on with force in Greece, Sicily, Spain, Portugal and within the hidden forces in London, Paris, Washington and New York’s Wall Street.
Harry Truman of the United States and Britain’s Winston Churchill met at Fulton, Missouri, United States, on March 5, 1946. That was the confirmation that the blood, sweat and tears would continue and destruction all over the world. It would for many years go on and on and on…
In Truman’s birthplace, Churchill vomited all the venom he had in his old body, with one of his most furious speeches, which has passed into History as the starting point of the Cold War. It was a formal rejection of all cooperation, all trade, all normal talks henceforward with the Soviet Union, which w as after all one of the three Powers which led the world war against fascism to victory in Europe. The Soviet Union was the country which sustained the brunt of the war against fascism, losing twenty million people in the war.
In Fulton, Churchill not only decidedly rejected Stalin’s offer of peaceful competition instead of war. He rejected all kind of cooperation with communism. He declared communism to be evil, to be proscribed by the free world, a world which then and there started a programme of ever increasing propaganda against a system which was new, perhaps bettter than dying capitalism.
The concept of an eternal barrier between capitalism (the imperialist West and the colonial world) versus the Soviet Union and its Satellites WAS BORN, with the concept of an “Iron Curtain”. With that, he destroyed the possibility of a united world, of a communion amongst all humans. There has not been a minute’s peace since.

And why? Because Sir Winston, the aristocrat, was an anticommunist born. He says as much himself, in a book which gave him the Nobel Prize, as we shall see hereinunder. His military profession led him all his life to pursue war and submission by the poor, from London and Dublin, to South Africa, India, Malaya, etc. Needless to say, he did not call this attitude fascistic, but I do.

The Fulton meeting, continued.
He chose an elitist university, Westminster College, of the American hinterland to give his long and well-prepared speech, which among other things was shrouded with all the veils that English hypocrisy can produce.
“I do not believe that Soviet Russia desires war. What they desire,” he said, cheek in tongue, “is the fruits of war and the indefinite expansion of their power and doctrines.”
So, what did the descendant of the Marlborough race of fighters desire? No doubt it would have been difficult for any historian of the time (the fifties) to say what Churchill desired. But now we have before us all that History has revealed, specially since 1991, and it is our duty to reveal the past.

Communism is sent packing and fascism gets in.
There is nothing in political science so ridiculous as the precipitation with which the extreme right, quintessence of capitalism, rejects the term fascism which was accepted in yesteryears. Never mind. What is there in a name? Depending on how the wind blows one may try to come out with this and that apparel; but a fascist was Hitler, and a fascist is what Trump seems to be. These are facts: for the rest, you can invent a panoply of beautiful words: populist, popular, national, republican, etc.; but it is only the name that changes.

Fascism was the cry with which Mussolini entered the colonialist culture of the West: Africa was the victim. After the Berlin Conferences of 1992, Europe and the West did not allow any African nation to live in peace, free, independent… at times the Whites treated African as slaves. Now, is this not pure fascism?

Other nations in other continents were likewise victims of this policy as we all know. The whole surface of our planet has been a victim of western military invasions, which likewise necessarily means fascicm.

Old colonialism and neocolonialism, wars.
Invasions by imperialist powers also meant fascism, and wars. Scarcely six years after the end of World War II, in 1951, the American Senate demanded of President Truman to commence World War III, demanding that nuclear bombs be dropped (inter alia) on China. Influential Senator Nixon was propagating the idea that communism had to be contained in Asia. The Chinese communists had just defeated fascism. “America has to re-arm and unleash on continenal China Chang-Kai-Chek’s famous divisions” then in Formosa (Taiwan.)
And in the meantime, the enemies of the human race were constantly coining new slogans, inventing terms which for decades had the effect of turning people into real sheep. These, like in our time, came to love fascistic talk, had been taught to speak of the dangers of communism.

Simple Simon’s conventional wisdom was “the danger of communism”.

Winston Churchill called the fact of a people choosing communism, as “falling in the sphere of the Soviets”. To avoid, say, Tanzania, Angola, Namibia becoming socialist-communist, our freeworld caused millions of deaths, the ruin of the continent.

And now, at this moment of time, can we state how many countries seeking independence around 1962… just seeking independence and honest living have since fallen “in the sphere of the Gringos” (paraphrasing colonialist Churchill)? Into a most abject state of war the whole world has fallen: lies, invasions, robbery, destruction, poverty and misery. Fallen! and still going down, and nobody can today envisage when the descent will cease.
Can I not call it fascism, this going of the earth down a cliff?

When Churchill was issuing his poisonous speech at Fulton, President Truman, commander in chief of the U.S. military machine, hesitated. He had already ordered the use of the Atom Bomb, twice, on Japan. He did not show himself as a warmonger then.
Five years later the American Idol of the Pacific, veteran General Douglas Mac Arthur was considering dropping the Bomb on Korea and China. The President showed himself as a good courageous man. He saved the world at that moment.
And it should be noted that at that moment, too, the United Nations Organization, whose task was to labour for PEACE AMONG ALL NATIONS, had been embarked by the Pentagon into the terrible Korean War. I know that official propaganda says that the North Korean communists wanted to enslave the people; but was it American business to interfere, if in fact there was a civil war? In Spain in 1936, there was a civil conflict. Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany invaded the Peninsula. And we know what happened.

The day Fascist Spain became acceptable.
In 1953, prosperity among westerners was rolling up and up. We had never had it so good… even in West Germany, which had for years been the head of fascism in the world was in 1954 a wealthy country (I was a student then and lived for five months in Köln (Cologne.)
In the spring of 1953 General Dwight Eisenhower, President of the United States, paid an official visit to General Francisco Franco, in Madrid, to give him the accolade.
The third man of the European Fascist Troika (the other two were Mussolini and Hitler) who was the pariah of the planet, now became a partner of the capitalist “democracies”; Spain was brought into the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and then made a member of the Common Market, etc.
It will not escape the reader’s notice that the Atlantic coasts of Portugal and Spain (the future use of the Peninsula as a rampart for an attack on the Soviet Union) was what the imperialists were seeking. And in accepting fascist Spain in the concert of the capitalist nations, Eisenhower was confessing that capitalism and fascism where one and the same thing

For decades we were told that communism was the enemy, that Stalin was threatening, that one day the Red Army would make all Europe a Satellite of the Kremlin. “Once the RED attack commenced,” we were told “a hundred divisions of murderous communists would in two days reach the Pyrenees.”
Paid sycophants would write in the press that the powerful communist parties of Italy and France would collaborate with the invading Reds.) The Pentagon built plans to disembark on the western coast of the Peninsula. Motorways were made all over Spain, an ever-impoverished people that until then had not seen a proper road in the land.
The West had to make sure that fifty well-armed American divisions would be able to cross the Peninsula in one day, and so forth and so on. Capitalism-imperialism thanked the Almighty for having kept in the two countries of the
Peninsula two pure fascistic regimes.

Franco saved Spain from communism.
In Spain, capitalism-imperialism became in the seventies the sacred cow to adore. We all wanted to become rich Americans. We were poor, but in our hearts the enemy was not the rich bourgeois who enslaved us all. The enemy was communism.
And now, we see that the decline and fall of everything that made our life human is obviously due to the greed of the very wealthy who have caused the downfall, FASCISM IS THRIVING. Election after election in Europe fascist comes on top or near the top. We have seen what is happening in the United States of America. Or take the example of France, if you so desire.
During the last five years, a party which calls itself ‘socialiste’ governs France with ministers, etc. receiving advice from the world of finance and business. The name of the Goldmann Sachs joint has been mentioned.

But the workers are alive and fighting, as are the students.
Where the workers’ movements still survive, you hear on the radio about strikes. As far as I am able to gather, they (the poor old freeworlders) are losers; they are being deprived of all their rights and advantages, one by one: mines, factories, public works and formerly state-owned industries, all KAPUT. The clever brains of the systems ruined and closed nearly every avenue. But the wise men in the hidden resorts of capitalism came out with the brilliant idea that “if we finish with everything industrial and resort to digital INNOVATION, our dominating class will possess the world even if we make redundant two thirds of the species.
THEY went wrong. Even in “warmongering” they made gross mistakes. A year or two ago, The Economist published an article imploring the Pentagon to increase the edge and poison of U.S.A weapons of total destruction. Why? It was feared the Chinese and Russians were getting ahead of us.
But nevermind massive destruction. Civil aviation, high speed trains, nuclear power, pharmaceutical innovation and other choice ‘jewels’ that were kept going on in the West, are now (in industry and technology) the very province in which

the Indians and the Chinese now are advancing, and even producing goods of superior technology cheaply.
Two more things: It is absolutely certain that Paris, London, Madrid, Rome, etc. will continuue to go down in quality and status. Secondly, the very first time the word CHINA entered my little brain of child, living then in Zaragoza, must have been in 1936. They showed us at school “pictures from China”, and we saw naked children playing in the mud.

And what seems to be the solution to this immense problem?

Simply, capitalists go on closing all that is still operating in Europe, and look for ways to let the workers do SOMETHING to earn their daily bread. For the rest they have set in motion a great programme called CHARITY. The sphere of christian charity is expanding. The foreign reader would be surprised to learn how quickly is expanding over here the business of “la charité”. You can hardly hear the news on the radio overhere. All is interrupted every ten or fifteen minutes to tell you to buy a pharmaceutical product, or motorcar or to book for a cruise up the Rhine listening to a Russian or a Chinese piano player.
In the meantime, there is no more money for hospitals, cultural centres are closing, knowledge is decaying, good food is rotting for lack of purchasers, while people eat cheap starch, leaving room for pharmaceuticals to advertise weight controlling drugs… for half our children are becoming obese…: public transport is in a catastrophic state, to say nothing of ‘education’ in a nation which twenty-years ago was number one in Europe in this respect.

The Police are daily being attacked by gangs of young people acting as soldiers, when the former enter the “banlieues”, districts which these eight years have so fallen in decay that (I’ve heard) no decent people dare to go near them at night.
Policemen have been killed and this is found, quite naturally, intolerable. Forgetting for a moment that young men are also dying, in the hands of the police, it is now repeatedly happening, in the most important thoroughfares of big cities that uniformed policemen are now coming out in force (into the streets), demanding the Executive to do something about the Judiciary, which they consider is being too soft on criminals. On the contrary, they themselves are not given sufficient weapons, and this is true. The degree of innovation of our warring machine is such that our army or our police could easily eliminate all danger of so-called terrorism most easily. Weapons with a sharper edge could now be supplied to all and everyone of the policemen, who now are risking their lives by entering areas where they cannot carry out their task properly.
Moreover, armed and uniformed Police (some of them ‘cagoulés’) have been demonstrating before the Courts of Justice and Tribunals. It is true that the jails throughout the country are so overfilled with prisoners, particularly young men and adolescent boys, that some in the Judiciary have to ask the authorities for othe punishment than sending the less dangerous into overcrowded jails.
(N.B. France with great expense is sending to the Middle East the best aggressive aircraft-carrier possible and the most efficient war planes as well as troops, and deploy its divisions in north-west and central Africa; whereas there is no money for public services, including the building of badly needed prisons.)

The President of the Republic, in order to appease the seditious Police, has received them at the Élysée Palace and offered them better working conditions for the former to maintain ORDER IN THE SUBURBS.

For many years, in Spain, I was conscious of the evil that fascism represents for humankind, and for many years, too, I have known fascism to be exploitation of human by human, the search for profits. I wrote, a long time ago, a novel about of the suffering exploited masses in the country. In it I write: ”It is by means of the institutions of the State that the usurpers of power carry out their domination, that is to say, by means of a government, parliament, the army, the police, etc.; powers and institutions that are normally accepted by the people, sometimes even after elections.
But if by any chance that docile acceptance of the system by the people failed, if the workers dared to face the usurper and demand all their rights the powers-that-be would throw away their sheep’s clothing and, dressed in military apparel would proclaim a fascist regime; which is what happened in Spain in 1936; which is what is happening now.

How capitalism saved Spanish fascism (1945).
Once the second world war was over, the United States and the United Kingdom, which sought alliance with the Soviet Union after the Battle of Stalingrad, in 1943, sought to organise the immediate postwar period together at the Potsdam Conference (July 17 – August 4, 1945.)
Following the line of thought I have tried to maintain in this article, I will now try to show how, even though the World had just won a war AGAINST FASCISM, in the West a main consideration at these peace talks was to save Fascist General Franco, the third man of the fascist alliance (the other two, Hitler and Mussolini were by then dead.)
When the three allied powers met at Potsdam and the three delegations were about to prepare the Agenda, Josef Stalin said: “It is also necessary to examine the question of the regime in Spain. We Russians consider that the present Franco regime in Spain was imposed on the Spanish people by Germany and Italy. It is fraught with great danger for the free-loving United Nations. We think it would be good to create conditions for the Spanish people to establish a regime of their own.”
Let me observe at this stage that at that point of time the whole world knew that in Spain a Fascist State was still firmly in power.
It was the leader of the British delegation who formally responded to Stalin’s proposal (the president of the conference was Truman, Roosevelt having died just some days before.)
“Mr. President,” said Winston Churchill, “the British Government has a feeling of hatred for Franco and his Government. I have been misunderstood and it has been said that I take a friendly attitude towards this gentleman. All I said was that there is more to Spanish politics than anti-Franco cartoons. I think that the continued destruction of people thrown into prision for what they did six years ago, and varied other circumstances in Spain are by our British standards totally undemocratic. When Franco sent me a letter saying that he, I and certain other Western countries should unite against the threat of the Soviet Union, I sent him, with the permission of my Cabinet, a very cool reply. The Soviet Government may remember this reply, because I sent it a copy of my letter as I did to the President (Truman). So there is no great difference between us concening the feelings we have for the present regime in Spain. Where I do see some difficulty in adopting the draft proposed by the Generalissimo (Stalin) is in Point One, which speaks of the rupture of all relations with the Franco Government, which is the Government of Spain. I think that considering that the Spaniards are proud and rather sensitive, such step by its very nature, could have the effect of uniting the Spaniards around Franco, instead of its making them move away from him. That is why I do not think that the rupture of diplomatic relations with the Spanish Government would be a satisfactory way of solving the question.”
And our English aristocrat goes on and on, defending Fascist Spain… this when Europe was a devastated continent and there was so much to do, instead of defending Spanish fascism.

Fascism equals anticommunism.
It was Churchill himself who, in the evening of his life, wrote what sounded like “a confession of anticommunism”:
“No one has been,” he says in the book that gave him the Nobel Prize in Literature (1953), “a more persistent opponent of communism than I have been for the last twenty-five years. I will unsay no word that I have spoken about it…”

An aristocrat who feared the advance of communism and adored his way of life.
For him Spain was not twenty million suffering citizens, but a country that engaged in trade relations with Great Britain.
“We have long had trade relations with Spain,” he concluded facing Stalin and Truman at the Potsdam Conference, “they supply us with oranges, wine and certain other products, in exchange for our own goods.”


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