Comey, Kallstrom and disinformation


See more information on the macabre and corrupt culture of fbi.

Listen up girls, the fbi's Comey and Kallstrom (K) are busy hiding and misrepresenting the truth 'all over the place'.

For many months hundreds of fbi agents, operatives and support staff have attempted to put Crooked Hillery (CH) in the dirty Whitehouse in collusion with the white collar criminals in DOJ, by covering up evidence of treason and other criminal violations of numerous federal statutes (such as lying, tampering with and destruction of evidence). Fbi Director James Comey reveals the complete corruption of the fbi as he is now forced by circumstantial evidence against him and the fbi, to admit that the fbi also lied to the American people in order to place CH in the presidency.

Comey now enlists the support of counter intelligence expert Kallstrom to put on a fraudulent show of the innocence of the fbi, and in Kallstrom's words yesterday, he seeks to portray the thugs of fbi as follows "The fbi agents are good people".

The truth is that the fbi is so completely rotten, homicidal, arrogant murderous and powerful that even congress (& media) fear them. So, the ridiculous parade of false information issuing from K is aired on national TV in order to brazenly protect the falsely portrayed sterling public image of the fbi (i.e., the real fbi/MAFIA). All agents and staff of the fbi should be deposed about any data that they have on Comey, K, DOJ et al. with respect to rigging the presidential election in favor of CH. Fbi agents and operatives are pathological liars, torturers and assassins. K is here today like his friend, the late Ted Gunderson, to distract the people from the truth about the fundamental corruption and overthrow of the US GOVERNMENT By the intel community.

K risks nothing, contrary to media reports by quislings, in his carefully planned disinformation campaign released for the benefit of fbi's thugs and macabre culture.
(*See how the fbi tortures me and other innocent Targets to prevent the people from knowing the truth about the traitorous fbi.)

Also, as I have demonstrated, the fbi wastes 50 million dollars in a 30 year effort to silence me, and they use a black budget which is funded by the fbi's own criminal enterprise which is more destructive to USA than MAFIA ever was.

** Note that the cia and the fbi also hide from the American people data about US intelligence causing wars and conflicts in the Middle East. Turkey, Pakistan, India, et al. are aware of the assassination and overthrow plots orchestrated by the two premiere terrorist groups on the world stage, fbi/cia. See my reports on how the fbi uses the entire police community to threaten and harass me and how the fbi also uses inhumane directed energy weaponry (DEW) against me. (Specifically, see my reports on USPI Knipfing & Texas DPS RODRIGUEZ, UT Police Bleier & Wilson, Detective Posada, Cruz, et al. in efforts to intimidate, arrest, or kill me.**
Regarding DEW attacks, the fbi are truly psychopathic in the way they use such painful torture in concert with sophisticated psychological operations against me and others.

As for Trump, he will win the election because of CH's own crimes, but Trump in the long run will show the world how to complete the bloody police state now being formed in the USA by Trump's giving the fbi and their retarded cop friends even more homicidal and unfettered power than they enjoy today. So, Trump is not the visionary leader whom the people need today.For this , Trump receives endorsements (public & private) from the ICE,fbi, DHS, Police,cia, et al., all of whom are the absolute most fanatical and homicidal sociopaths ever to live on earth.)

See my reports at the following link for more specific information on the filthy f b i.

Thank you, and may Providence protect and allow confort to men and women who are abused, tortured and killed by the out of control fbi / police community.


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