USA, a nation under seige


See the following report for evidence in support of the above title.

USA, A Nation Under Seige

Submitted by gsosbee on Fri, 2016-10-21

A Documentation of fbi's -corruption of all they touch

Preface: Threat To All From USA's Police/fbi Community:

Evidence follows on the complete corruption of our society by fbi and the simultaneous subversion of laws and institutions by fbi's own misfits, thugs, assassins, traitors and people who fear them.

This Congress will live In Infamy for the crimes that they condone, approve and aid/abet as perpetrated by fbi and cia.

USPI (KNIPFING & Texas DPS RODRIGUEZ ), Police everywhere (University of Texas, 'UT',Police "Bleier & Wilson"), ICE, US Marshal, State Police, UT Chancellor, president, dean, legal counsel, et al., United States Army intelligence officer, James Wolf and his boss with whom I spoke telephonically. See my sworn affidavits 2007 and 2014. ( and 19a,b,c)

Regarding the USPI:


Professionals in medicine, dentistry and law are co-opted by fbi to torture, abuse or libel me (See "My Story In Detail, part 20, and my WRIT, inter alia). Judges and federal Magistrate Judges are eager to issue fraudulent, illegal and abusive civil process granting fbi the authority to torture, abuse and to discreetly try to kill me. See my papers at

See also my reports on Detective Posada and the DA's office in my unsuccessful efforts to charge police and DA investigator with conspiracy, or breach of public trust and integrity. See my WRIT for proof of DOJ involvement with fbi atrocities against me.

The general population are so completely programmed by media and fbi that ordinary citizens commit multiple felonies against me. Fbi operatives like Alonzo Yanez stalk and commit assault & battery on me at the direction of fbi/UT cops Bleier & Wilson see 19c referenced above).

Another fbi operative pumps toxic fumes into my residence, nearly killing me. fbi operatives and street thugs repeatedly destroy my transportation.

Police at UT refuse to take report of crimes, falsify other efforts by me to document crimes, falsely convey to Harlingen, Texas, police, details of same crimes. Then, Harlingen, Texas police threaten me every time I try to communicate with them. One might see in my reports that
1) the fbi libel and slander me (armed with their secret & fraudulent court order)
2) commit multiple, ongoing and unending felonies against me
3) invent facts that do not exist, while denying established and fully documented facts
4) control everyone with whom the fbi makes contact in their illegal campaign against me

I estimate that the cost to taxpayers of the fbi crimes against me for the past 35-40 years to be about 50 million dollars. This includes about $200,000 in medical bills, 50,000 in automobile losses, and around the clock global assaultive surveillance by teams of thugs (as many as 2 to 10 at any given time) and their high tech DEW weaponry.

Over the past 3 decades the fbi assaults on me and my wife have become more brazen than ever, often coming at us in clever and provocative ways that would invite adversarial legal action against any response; only an attorney, cop, or DA would know how to advise fbi street thugs on the laws involved.

All media are also either directly controlled by fbi assassins, or fear them, often even groups like

Thank you and may Providence protect and allow confort to men and women who are abused, tortured and killed by fbi/police fiends.

A copy of this message is delivered to several public officials at every level.


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