Trump, Crooked Hillery (CH) and fbi/cia mass murderers & assassins


Everyone on earth has a vested interest in the USA election.

Trump, Crooked Hillery (CH) and fbi/cia mass murderers & assassins

Submitted by gsosbee on Sat, 2016-10-15 19:14

People everywhere in the world follow my work on line (* geral sosbee vs. fbi) where I outline the crimes against humanity committed by the gang of murderers who call themselves fbi/cia/nsa/nsc, etc.

Most concerned individuals understand that the atrocities that I outline are expanding into other countries and that the juggernaut of the crimes by fbi and company cannot be stopped. However, Trump today showed some slight sanity (more than CH) as he labeled the fbi and DOJ as frauds. So, Trump has the votes of the international community which indirectly impacts on voters at the polls here.

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So, be clear that this election, perhaps more than any other in history is a global game where all people everywhere have a stake. The fbi/cia apparently seek a victory for CH. If Trump wins, the fbi may want to perform another JFK like assassination because Trump does not take orders from fools.

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Thank you, and may Providence protect and allow confort  to men and women who are tortured, maligned, imprisond, or targeted for death by fbi and cia human monsters.


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