Fbi retaliates, Some Indymedia.org groups trash report


This report captures the insanity of fbi and the fear of some indymedia.org groups.



Fbi Cowards  retaliate

The above report posted 9-20-16. The next morning the fbi thugs had received notice (from the agent assigned to torture and kill me) to send me notice of their revenge for the post. So, the fbi took over the hearing aids issued by VA for service connected hearing problem, and turned the volume to extremely high; that night the fbi hoodlum turned up the brain entrainment level to a ten (on a level of 1-10, ten being the highest & most painful). Sleep deprivation all night (via Directed Energy Weaponry, 'DEW') rendered me nearly incapacitated on 9-22-16 whereupon I suffered from loss of balance, extreme headache and other symptoms as set forth in part 19 of "My Story".

While I cannot be certain of the reason for the retaliation, I suspect that my reference to assaults on me by Israeli lunatics (in service to Intel groups fbi/cia/mossad/SS) may have been part of the motives.

Note that the USA's Intel community of mass murderers, torturers and assassins have members from all ethnic backgrounds and that the radical Israelis are not the only killers after me.

However, over the past 35 years, one M.D. gentile tortured me and five doctors of Jewish descent tortured, poisoned, maligned or threatened me on behalf of  the fbi.

Many doctors and scientists from different origins, colors and creeds have followed the fbi's directives to slander me, deny me service and harm me via intentional scientific negligence and mal practice. One threatened to file a civil suit if I continued my reports on him.

Also, the DEW assaults cause almost total loss of hearing in my left ear and about 75% loss in right ear; the fbi always seeks to worsen my service connected injuries which are documented with the VA.

So, let this short comment on the above post further illuminate the total cowardice of the psychopaths who run the CJS in USA.
For more on the corruption of police see my reports on the fools with badges and guns named as follows:
*Knipfing, Rodriguez,  Bleier, Wilson, Cruz, Posada et.al.

These are the types of men taking orders and directives from their fbi trainers and  who are also killing our people on the streets, locking up innocent men and women by the millions, and converting USA into a police state.

  • Knipfing continues today to monitor my writing online in order to follow up on his threats against me and my wife in my home in my face and in violation of criminal statutes on subversive actions of law enforcement. For three years Knipfing ignores my FOI request and his chiefs insult me when I press for the documents every 6 months.



By gsosbee, submitted on Thu, 09/22/2016 - 11:20pm

Indymedia.org often controlled by fbi assassins

Portland indymedia.org  trashes the above report on USA:INHUMANE and Austin.indymedia.org deletes the same report.



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