Mayor Wade-Brown refuses to see desperation

Letter to DomPost - Mayor Wade Brown complained that mayoral candidate Jo Coughlin's "four lanes to the places" campaign means an eight lane highway - four in and four out. Of course it doesn't. Why the Mayor would be so oblivious is enlightening.

The Editor
The Dominion Post
05 September, 2016

Dear Editor:

The reason why Mayor Wade-Brown (Dom Post Weekend, 3 Sept) can so shallowly misrepresent mayoral candidate Jo Coughlan’s “four lanes to the planes” campaign slogan is that she refuses to respect the open desperation evident in it.
In a carbon constrained world there will need to be less tourism and less air travel. Coughlan’s campaign fixation on the airport is an act of desperation in a way similar to the airport’s own proposal to extend the runway. But Mayor Wade-Brown has always expected her soft green philosophy and policy focus as a way forward would be graciously and rationally accepted by the majority of the electorate and by all responsible councillors. She did not expect and cannot accept that not only the elite which seemingly have the most to lose, but also an electorate majority, intuitively understand it will take much more; it will take change of a level beyond acceptance and beyond admission, thus leading to out of date and desperate responses like Coughlan’s “four lanes . . .” campaign.


Richard Keller
13 Endeavour St.
Wellington 6022


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