Urgent Action Alert – New Maritime Bill


The New Maritime Bill will criminalise activist groups, including peace, sovereignty & environmental groups. If we plan to board or damage a ship because it is carrying out widespread illegal fishing or helping to fight illegal wars, that's terrorism

Parliament is currently considering amendments to the Maritime Crimes Act that introduces a new crime of “maritime terrorism”. It seems clear from the current draft of the Bill, and its timing, that it is intended to target protests against visiting warships planned for November this year as part of the navy's Operation Neptune. The Bill, once enacted will criminalise free speech and could target maritime workers.

Submissions close on 19 August – so we need to act fast!

What’s the problem?

Specific big problems with the proposed law is Section 4 and new Schedules 1 and 2.

The main new “terrorism” clause and it says:

Sec 4 (1): If you are trying to get the government to do or not do something (like what most of politicians and activists are trying to do!), then you are guilty if:
- (b) You discharge from a ship any noxious substance that could cause damage. The new law doesn’t define what is “noxious” nor does it define what “damage” is.

- (c) You use a ship in a manner that causes damage.

Most worrying in the new law is that it is terrorism crime if you even threaten to do any of these things. This is Section 4(A)(2).

Its important to know that it is already illegal to cause damage to a ship or anything else; it is already illegal to intentionally cause injury or to act recklessly on the sea. It is already illegal to threaten to injure or kill someone, it doesn’t matter where you are. This law says that it is terrorism if you do any of those things to a ship with the motive of trying to influence the government. So if you damage a ship because you had a bad time on the last cruise you took, that’s fine. But if you damage a ship because it is carrying out widespread illegal fishing or helping to fight illegal wars then that is terrorism!

What is really important is that this law makes it a crime of terrorism just to TALK about doing something. This law would make it illegal for you to say that you were going to spray paint the side of the US warship visiting New Zealand with the words “NO WAR” because they could say you were trying to influence the government not to host US warships. You don’t even need to do it! The penalty: 14 years in prison.

In 1987 a peace squadron surrounded the USS Haddo, people even boarded the sub - this would now be terrorism (see photos). More recently, in 2003 someone spraypainted the side of a visiting Australian Navy ship with the words “John Howard: US Boot licker!” while it was docked in Wellington Harbour. This would now be a terrorism offence in New Zealand – not just a charge of intentional damage.

No Protections

There is no protection in this law for peaceful protests, strikes, lockouts or any other industrial action.

Even in the Terrorism Suppression Act, there is a specific provision that says:

To avoid doubt, the fact that a person engages in any protest, advocacy, or dissent, or engages in any strike, lockout, or other industrial action, is not, by itself, a sufficient basis for inferring that the person is carrying out an act for a purpose, or with an intention or intends to cause an outcome.

What we can do

Let’s build a groundswell of opposition to this law and demand it is stopped before its too late.

Ø Make a Submission – Online – before FRIDAY, 19 August

Tell Parliament this Bill is simply not good enough, it lacks appropriate definitions and has no proper safeguards

Ø State that you wish to appear before the committee hearing the Bill.

Thank you!


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