*Fbi assaults continue against me ......


* the 'burro'.

For those who trust the assassins & terrorists of the fbi:

In the fbi's efforts to silence me the special agents in their covert, illegal counterintelligence operations send street thugs to assault me and my wife on a regular basis for about the past twenty five years, continuing today.
In Los Angeles about 16 years ago a fbi criminal knocked me off my feet in his provocative assault in the LA Public library.
The most recent apparent simple assaults are captured in my *reports to police at Brownsville, Texas, and McAllen, Texas, respectively :
These two assaults by thugs acting as operatives are designed to provoke an unacceptable response, and the fbi's high level operative, a federal magistrate judge in southern Texas (a sociopath in service to fbi hoodlums) stands ready to issue criminal or civil arrest warrants as the fbi may fraudulently try to justify.
In parts 19 (a,b,c) of "My Story In Detail" I have proven by an open court plea of "no contest" entered by one Alonzo Yanez that he committed a provocative assault and minor battery on my person.
Today, the fbi demonstrates via increased vandalism on my property, DEW attacks, and assaults by street thugs, that the fbi, here in southern Texas, is under orders from Bureau headquarters (i.e.,the 'burro') to at long last silence me, permanently.
I am therefore cautious everywhere I go to be vigilant and calm during the many crimes committed against me by the fbi.
Thank you.



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