Mexico: anarchist released from jail


On 29th December, at about 1am, our comrade Mario López ‘Tripa’ was released from jail in Mexico which means he will now await trial in ‘freedom’. Mario, 27, was seriously injured when carrying an incendiary device in Mexico City in June.

During the night of 26-27 June at 11.37pm, an explosion occurred at an automatic payment office of the Federal Electricity Commission in Tlalpan. No one was injured.

Roughly an hour later, at 00.40am, at the corner of Londres and Vicente Guerrero, Coyoacán, Mario was found injured after a loud explosion in the street. The scene was attended by paramedics that took him to hospital, under the guard of police who regard him as being responsible for both explosions. Mario had injuries to his right leg, right arm and body. Another explosive device was found in a backpack at the scene of the blast. This was taken and deactivated by the police as evidence in their investigation.

The police obtained an initial statement from him even though he was not in favorable physical and mental condition since it was carried out after an operation, under the effects of anesthesia and under a great deal of police pressure. It wasn’t until June 28 at about 4:30 PM that he had contact for the first time with his legal representative.

Mario said: "Well, I have three fairly serious burns, the first on the right leg, the second is a hole from once side of my arm to the other, and the last is on the right shin. Bad if one day I go back to practicing Muay Thai. In the hospital the nurses and doctors are behaving great, including nicknaming me “bombiux” and I have hope in saving my leg."

Australian passport found

In Mario's backpack, the passport of Australian anarchist Felicity Ryder was found. Mario wrote: "Here the problem is that another person is now implicated because we made the error of carrying in the backpack which remained at the scene her ID and because of that they identified her and linked her with a video of the area. Yesterday (June 28) they told me that she was detained, or rather with their words: “now we’ve got your girlfriend” … they said she made a statement against me and well, the same story. First, they wanted (and want) me to claim the attack on a bank in Tlalpan: “I do not accept this,” then they would say it was my comrade (now that she was identified) who did it: “I do not accept this,” and finally they wanted me to name more people who did it and obviously I did not accept this. Regarding my comrade they came to corroborate her physical information and all of this in front of a state lawyer." [ FULL STATEMENT ]

However, Felicity published a statement a couple of weeks later in which she stated: "I want to clarify that despite all of the lies of the Mexico City police forces and the mass media, I was never arrested and they never had me detained in any of their prisons. I have tried to understand why they would have said that and spread such false information throughout Mexico as well as Australia, but at the end of the day, as a free person I don´t think like a police officer, and I won´t be able to understand. If it was to try in vain to break or manipulate Mario, to manipulate my family, or to try to appear half competent in doing their jobs, I don´t know. What I do know is that I am proud of being an Anarchist, and proud to be an enemy of authority and the State."

"To my brother Mario, I send him a giant hug and much strength and health. I know that he will always maintain his convictions strong, as well as his desire to achieve Total Liberation. I will always be by your side, compañero. Remember, always face to face with the enemy!"

ASIO investigating

According the 'The Age', the Australian Security 'Intelligence' Organisation (ASIO - the equivalent of the SIS) "has pursued a wide-ranging investigation in relation to Ryder, including ASIO officers carrying out inquiries in her home town of Rutherglen. ASIO liaises with its Mexican counterpart, the Centre for Research and National Security and the Australian security agency's inquiries have focused on identifying friends and associates whom Ryder might contact."

At least one Melbourne anarchist met with ASIO agents who wanted to find out more about Felicity as part of of their preparation for the G20 summit hosted in Australia in 2014.

In a statement, Sydney anarchists made it clear that "there’s no information we could gain from talking to the cops that is useful to us. [...] On the other hand, the cops could always gain something from any conversation with us." [ FULL STATEMENT ]

The Melbourne Anarchist Club, of which the person who talked to ASIO is a member of, clarified that "we have not been contacted by ASIO, will always refuse to provide any information to it if requested, and advise others to do the same."

Mario is free again

Yesterday, Mario is now was released from jail. His comrades managed to fundraise US$5500 for his bail. Due to changes in criminal law in Mexico, the charges Mario is facing are no longer a felony.

Updates (in Spanish) can be found on his support website and English updates are often posted on or


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