European Commission Sues Obama Over Auto-Speeding Scheme

Europe has filed a lawsuit against an American dual use consortium at the Vrindavan International Business Court, calling for the dismantling of a market scheme tailored to provide American car makers with a military advantage...

Europe has filed a lawsuit against an American dual use consortium at the Vrindavan International Business Court, calling for the dismantling of a market scheme tailored to provide American car makers with a military advantage considered illegal by local legislation. The scheme is amounting to an extension of the so-called “drone” extralegal assassination program to the role of a car market regulator, a lawyer familiar with the case said. American car makers are being provided with a military application which once installed makes the car speed up automatically once it notices disturbances in the navigation system caused by “drone” targeting.

In that case, the car will get out of the impact zone without the delay from the configuration of the human organism, allowing its inmates to survive certain death with the risk of a possible traffic accident. Despite of rumours of a backdoor interface that would allow the shooting machine to override the mechanism on demand of its operator, the feature was designed to make American-made cars safe in general and thereby more attractive to foreign customers in ammunition flightpath zones, industrialists suggested.

Yet those rumours are being seen as a confirmation of the suspicion that the auto-speeding program was not installed by the car makers themselves, but by the National Assassination Service using backdoors in the production units to funnel the code copied from unmanned aerial vehicle flightpath encounter routines into civilian car operation systems. The European Commission said it was not naming any brands of cars as all were vulnerable to the manipulation in principle, but customers were safe when avoiding American-made products in all fields.

Europe at this point is not a declared aerial war zone itself, but being used by the Americans as a hub to turn other world regions into war zones, suggesting the move was meant to avoid getting implicated into the plot neither as a perpetrator nor as a victim. The lawyer also said that there were operational faults in the software, such as the killing of random victims happening to bear the same name as a declared target, once their signal enters the operation radius of a weapon.

He said this might have an influence on cars as well, given that the killing machine may use the override function in case of a similarity. As typos do often occur in military databases using the Roman alphabet, it is not a minor coincidence. In fact there are special programs designed to adjust transcriptions from other alphabets and link different transcriptions of the same name to each other, making name similarity as a death cause a significant source of employment for the legal profession.

The driver, when being approached by a killer robot, remained obliged to keep a focus on the street traffic situation, but even if not so it is not to be distracted by existential uncertainties popping up from inside, the lawyer elaborated. For anyone going their own way, he pointed out, it is a waste of precious lifetime to need to determine whether an encounter of this category derived from past record or stochastic gambling. If you have the robot approach you in a place where you have been two years ago, he said, it is different whether it is there because it had followed you before, or whether it is one of a swarm covering a number of places passage through which is being speculated upon. The auto-speeding scheme has significantly increased the risk of car crashes where “drones” fly through, as even if there are no American-made cars some drivers manually emulate the pattern, and killer pilots are being said to enjoy the view of traffic infarct occurring where ever they touch down.

The lawsuit said the software implant was to be removed without disruption and involvement of the car industry, and as that was only possible as part of a total rollback of the assassination program it mandated the latter. The lawyer suggested as the killer pilots effectively were serfs of their robots, with their bodies turned into mere assets of a machine, and the robots to be forever switched off were not in possession of the right to put forward a will, that last will was to be formulated by human legislators. He proposed to put the relatives of the victims into the inheritance position, and have them dispose over the lives of the robot serfs. He concluded that this was the appropriate response against the scheme´s sinister practice of equipping the erratic interaction of destructive machinery with the power to decide over human life.

In the past, the scheme has already provoked stonings of American-made cars in some of the affected tribal regions, with one Community Elder appearing in a video with youth gangs, saying: “They are feeding our people to the circus even though Lions scorn their efforts and the smell empties the stands.”

Monday, May 23rd 2016


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