Medical Update


This report is intended to refute lies spewed out by fbi assassins.

This medical update is presented in first person and for the record by Geral Sosbee, and is intended to highlight efforts by the fbi and company to again cause serious bodily injury by stealth assaults as they seek to complete their vendetta against me.

Lately, I have struggled with the symptoms of severe sleep deprivation caused by DEW (directed energy weaponry) which is employed secretly by the cowardly assassins of the fbi. Some symptoms associated with DEW assaults are listed here:

Others include 1) skin cancer 2) Diabetes 3) hypertension 4) occasional blisters on exposed skin caused by microwave assaults 5) episodes of nausea and vomiting 6)severe hearing loss in either ear.

I have struggled with these conditions for years, partly because I have no energy to exercise due to near complete exhaustion daily. In effect I am a ‘prisoner of war’ in my own bed up to 15-20 hours daily, and weight loss is very difficult to achieve. The fbi assumes the roles of warden, torturer and possible executioner.
In addition to the DEW assaults the fbi adds stress to the medical equation by sending thugs and provocateurs (assassins all) to assault me regularly and to sometimes physically attack me. The fbi also directs the police to threaten and assault me. Many of my online reports document these crimes by so called law enforcement.

In several of my reports online I have presented a prima facie case of criminal conduct or public corruption by the very authorities responsible for upholding the law. Some of the names of such high ranking police and other public officers are: Saenz, DeLauney, Posada, Martinez, Wilson, Bleier, Trevino, Cruz, Knipfing, Rodriguez. One notable street thug sent by fbi and UT police to provoke a violent response to his assault and battery is one Alonzo Yanez.

The reader may notice that I have never been accused of any offense, civil or criminal, in my life that I am aware of; but that the fbi and their police associates and street thug/operatives are guilty of many felonies against me, including conspiracy, assault with a deadly weapon, attempted murder, burglary, torture, etc., falsification of police reports, refusal to accept police reports, etc.

** They and their kind nationally are indeed the real criminals in society and most have never served this country, except as professional killers and domestic terrorists. Few, if any served in the US military, but if they did serve then they are unworthy to be in the company of patriots who served. I doubt that any of the thugs in the fbi, police, etc., who try to kill me ever served in the front lines in combat duty, anywhere, anytime. In short these fbi and police hoodlums are traitors of the USA which is today an overthrown regime hell bent on world inhumane domination at any cost and which depends on low minded mafia type figures to instill fear and trembling in the general public.**

Regarding my medical records and clearances see the following link and the attached letter from a recent exam by a M.D. Note that the fbi engages in widespread lies regarding my health.

**So, let’s set the record straight: I am clear of any form of communicable disease and I present absolutely no public health issue; see the report from Dr. Walther.
** recent papers on topic are available at

See especially the reports entitled:

1)fbi's "Future Crime" Project

2)Evidence of a new, unheralded, illegal, quasi 'Criminal Justice System' (CJS) forged by fbi

Thank you.


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