USPI and fbi joint corrupt practices


My report follows on
Crimes & Cover-up continue on behalf of fbi assassins by USPI.

After years of harassment and cover ups of crimes by the fbi and the USPI, that corrupt group of USPI thugs continue to threaten me for my posting articles online regarding fbi crimes against my person.

The USPI refuses for three years to release their fraudulently inspired report on me because they know that I will publish the report in its entirety in order to expose their role in the many crimes committed against me by the fbi and USPI over the past three decades.

See the following and related links for background information on USPI Knipfing's outrageous visit to my home three years ago , whereupon he and Texas DPS fool Rodriguez sought to find a way to intimidate or arrest me. I have increased my work online since their unlawful *intrusion into my life. To this day USPI Knipfing apparently continues to monitor all of my articles and posts online. He and his overlords at fbi cannot ever silence this voice of freedom from murderous oppression.

For additional information on the fbi's unending crime spree against this author see:

Finally, this month I renewed my previous demands for USPI records on me and I will publish the results of my submission upon receipt of any data from USPI.



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