fbi's "Future Crime" project


Below is my first hand report on the fbi's ominous and secret "Future Crime" project.

Introduction : This is a first hand report by ex fbi agent on the secret and inhumane program by fbi to fabricate criminals, using a kind of alchemy. The implications of my studies on fbi abuses are quite nightmarish for the general population who inappropriately trust the fbi and the police. Failure of the American people to realize the fraud that sweeps across the land under the guise of law enforcement portends ill for the world.


The fbi is a juggernaut of outrageous operations in violations of every criminal law on the books whereby the fbi intends to assert itself as the supreme authority in all matters of criminal law.

The fbi also has authority and a mandate to stop crime before it happens; this fact alone gives the fbi plenary authority to conduct otherwise illegal surveillance, search and seizures and arrests in ‘exigent’ circumstances. Add to this unprecedented power by a police group the fbi also uses the theory of “Future Crime” to justify sweeping and barbaric assaults on their suspects and Targets. I am one such Target.

The fbi also has a new, secret and unheralded program of ‘brain scan predictors’ of crime. In this program the fbi studies the brain scan of the Target and looks for physiological indications of patterns consistent with the brain scans of convicted criminals, including violent & sex offenders . Some problems with the Future Crime predictor are that

1) …the subjective interpretation of the data and the complete lack of validity of the exercise allows the fbi to make fraudulent cases against innocent and unsuspecting persons.

2) … such absurd pseudoscience fails to consider that the fbi employees who run the secret operations are in fact sociopathic torturers, serial killers and covert assassins who have motives to imprison or kill their Targets.

3) …fraudulently conceived sting operations and patently illegal police and fbi assaults and provocations on selected persons may reasonable be expected to cause neuroses and possibly a situational reaction in defense of the crimes against them.

4) …as in the fbi laboratory the fbi case agent prejudices the findings by providing personal data on the subject under attack, and the agent advises the technician in Future Crime readings that the suspect is a known criminal and is a threat to the public.

5) *…in some instances the brain scan predictor of future crimes is linked to the medical reports of the suspect, so that any infirmity that is potentially infectious and deadly are also used to identify the subject as a threat to the public. In other words any suspect or subject who has a communicable disease is automatically deemed by the fbi as homicidal threat and a future criminal.

See my reports at the bottom of this page for more data on how the fbi manipulates the general population into thinking that the fbi protects and defends; the truth is that the fbi destroys lives and daily commits heinous offenses under the guise of law enforcement. Note that all law enforcement in the USA are directly controlled and programmed by the fbi at the very dangerous and popularized fbi National Academy.

**See my report on*


Finally, as I am a Target of the fbi’s hit squads, the information that I present is first hand. See the links at number 5, “A” and “B” below regarding the extreme measures used by the fbi in their efforts to fraudulently profile me as a candidate for handling under the Future Crime program.

Thank you.

The following links to my recent reports and papers are intended to
** alert the public concerning abuses by the fbi of their sweeping and at times corrupt power.**

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** A.**



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5) fbi circumvents US Constitution to facilitate the imprisonment of innocent persons and to *hijack the lives of credible witnesses:







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