Fbi continues its practice of the dark art of gaslighting on me


The fbi's use of gaslighting on their innocent, political Targets is among the most heinous methods used in covert intelligence operations.

After my recent articles and posts on the criminally insane fbi, their thugs perform their ritualistic *gaslighting to remind me of their great power over my life. The most recent example of the fbi mind game is reported in the end of my short article at the following link ( note that the fbi engages in these inhumane mind games in order to induce paranoia or madness). Today, I discovered the fbi's infamous gaslighting game upon return home from the doctor.



More on gaslighting:

Gaslighting takes many forms and includes many of the assaults described in “My Story In Detail” at www.sosbeevfbi.com. The psychological effects of gaslighting can be harmful. Such low maneuvers may also include theft of identity, destruction of my car and other personal property, home invasions and tamperings therein, extensive and blanket surveillance, repeated medical and dental malpractice of a serious nature, widespread calumny, attempts on my life, etc. For more information on truly evil gaslighting by fbi, see my reports on the kidney stone assault and substandard medical care, etc., at the two links shown below; note that fbi efforts to kill or maim their victims are often impossible to prove; only a slight 'little' light points to the ** human monsters in the fbi who practice the dark art.





Below is a portrait of the real fbi, a group of psychopaths who enjoy supreme power in the USA and who are answerable to no one. Their kind seeks to spread their terror globally in pursuit of world inhumane domination at any cost.



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