'Trafficked illegally here. Close Manus prison now.'


Daily protests on Nauru and Manus are continuing - the off-shore 'processing centres' must close, and another person has committed suicide on Nauru. He had been 'officially' recognised as a refugee five months ago.

Refugees and asylum seekers on both Nauru and Manus are continuing their daily protests against their detention in the off-shore 'processing centres'. In one compound on Manus, the banner reads 'Trafficked illegally here. Close Manus prison now.'

On Nauru people have begun a petition asking that they be allowed to buy boats to leave the country.

"We have been living in Nauru as prisoners for three years now," they said in the petition. "We've decided to rescue ourselves by getting on boats once again."

There are also protests about the medical care on Nauru with the death of another person detained on the island. Rakib, a 26-year-old man, committed suicide last week; the Australian government has labelled his death as heart failure. Rakib, a refugee from Bangladesh, checked himself into hospital after taking a drug overdose - he died two days later and questions are being asked as to whether appropriate medical care was taken. Rakib had been found to be a refugee five months ago.

This week a woman and her baby were medically evacuated from Nauru after she had to have an emergency cesarean. The Guardian reported that 'the young mother had been vomiting and had seizures while on Nauru. She was in hospital on Sunday night but it is unclear whether she remained there until she and the baby were evacuated.'

There are questions also being raised about the death of Omid on 29 April. Omid was not given a sheet or place to lie down and was not transferred to a Brisbane hospital until nearly 24 hours after his immolation.

Refugee advocates are describing the current mood on Nauru and Manu as an emergency situation.

On 5th May the UN Refugee Agency called for the immediate transfer of people from the detention centres.

The Manus and Nauru detention centres must be closed.


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