The CJS and its members truly gone mad


This report is directed to astute readers, students and teachers in law, pre law and social science.

The fbi, police and judges at all levels (and their assorted comrades in covert government sponsored crimes) are on a roll, a crime spree against our people which is unprecedented in human affairs and in law.

In the few links below I invite students and teachers to discover the murderous tenor of the Criminal Justice System (cjs), its members and at times the general public (including jurors). In short the fbi, police, judges, etc., have gone *mad.

If the victim of their crimes tries to seek any form of judicial relief, then he/she will likely be further threatened by the powerful federal judge, tortured by the sick fbi assailants and maligned by the public which is mesmerized and discreetly subdued. For examples of their crimes against me see my sworn affidavits, dated 2007, 2014, and see

The members of the CJS are, as I have demonstrated, often guilty of more serious crimes than most of the defendants sent to prison, or sentenced to death. See additional examples of unconscionable crimes committed or covered by reputable officials who pretend to serve as police and judges in our country:

The fbi cleverly and with no objection from lawyers developed its own secret, illegal and abusive quasi CJS that no one can challenge:

**Madness of our trusted officials:*

Thank you.


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