The real fbi not known until now


Here are additional data on my experiences with the fbi (the 'burro') for all who are not afraid of that group of bums (MAFIA).

From the time I quit the fbi in 1978 until this moment, the fbi continues their illegal, painful and potentially deadly vendetta in efforts to silence me from reporting their century long crime spree. For more on my experiences as a Special Agent with the fbi see:

The fbi under J. Edgar Hoover:

Today, I still have involuntary recurrent memories of fbi terrorist assaults on my person which are often difficult to describe because the attacks are also difficult to believe. For a few examples see "My Story In Detail" and related links at

Discreet methods to torture & kill:

The illegal covert assaults on me and others also take the form of quasi 'human experimentation' involving complete control by the fbi of the victim's body and life.

Some such  unconscionable offenses by fbi aim  coincidently to force victims to live under a blanket surveillance  ('cover') wherein they often  seek to flee from the assaults, or to pursue a  final exit even while the  fbi psychopathic serial killers watch in real time.

Some of my memories of fbi's mind games (psychological operations,  i.e., 'psyops') used against  me date from my years *inside the fbi; other more atrocious acts against me by the fbi were conducted when I began a legal career in El Paso, Texas, in 1983. One example of the fbi's covert actions against me in El Paso shortly after my arrival there include daily harassment in my residence, vandalism of my cars and torture after surgery for a service connected deviated septum. Many memories of those and other assaults are sometimes obscured over the intervening decades, but flashbacks happen.

Another example is the fbi's operatives seeking to employ my legal services in areas of the law where I was not immediately qualified to practice with expertise. I was on guard to many similar tricks by the fbi to try to attack my license.

Mind control:

Many other horror moments are stored, but ignored when possible. For example, the fbi began opening and closing my garage door by remote control and then stationing an operative to stand a few yards away as I exited my residence at midnight to investigate. That thug in fbi employment represents the nature of many other fbi sociopaths who have hounded me for many years and continuing this day. Each time I leave my residence I am conditioned to expect the assaults of fbi assassins & terrorists. I can, after 70 years of living on God's green earth honestly report that...

...No more heinous & insidious cowards are hatched and nourished by the USA than the clandestine assassins of fbi/cia. 

This nation defended by brave men on the battlefield is overthrown by back stabbing fools in every branch of government  and by the quislings in Congress and the Courts who pay homage to the police state that now spreads globally as directed by fbi/cia.

Collapse of constitutional government :

Absent an Act of Congress, or a Nuremberg type trial, or a general awakening of the populace with media full coverage of fbi/cia crimes against humanity,  no possibility exists to stop the madness set in motion by subhumans whom I often refer to as 'BURROS' (Fbi assassins)and as fbi/cia/MAFIA hoodlums.

Many online groups prevent me from posting my reports on the murderous corruption of fbi; Disqus, for example blocks me. Some Indymedia groups like Chicago Indymedia also prevent  my efforts to report on the fbi police state.

The fbi allows some  Indymedia groups  to function when the content of the postings are approved by the fbi assassins. Others like Portland, LA, Austin, New Zealand defy fbi threats and allow me to publish.

"The username gsosbee ... is blocked."

The irony in Chicago is found here:

My work in Chicago in defense of civil rights:

In California I am blocked, or my material is hacked at the following sites:

Note the irony in California Indymedia's abusive action against me:

My service on the battlefield started and ended in California  where many fellow soldiers came back in body bags, etc.

More data on the destruction. of America are set forth in the links below:

Fbi also creates mass murderers and other dangerous fugitives:

For more on fbi's subversion of law and society see my papers at

See also my world in a box at:

...and fbi's psychological assaults at:


While I worked in the fbi office in Rock Island, Illinois, the ASAC, Benjamin H. Cook (deceased) sent an assignment to me to arrest a fugitive. When I asked my fellow agents to accompany me, they all refused. When I tried to obtain a fbi vehicle to make the arrest, I was denied that request. I knew then that the fbi vendetta against me was unstoppable. I made the arrest alone, using my volkswagon in the middle of the night. I contacted a local cop in his patrol car that night, identified myself, stated my assignment, and asked the officer to allow me 15 minutes to exit the suspect's home, but if I did not exit then come in with police backup. He honored my request; I made the arrest without incident and subsequently advised Ben Cook that I could no longer work in the Rock Island fbi office.

After the arrest, SA T. C. Brock, now retired and living in Idaho, told me, "You won the battle, but you will lose the war."

Thank you kindly.


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