The fbi ( * the 'burro') not known until now


See my report on the true nature of the fbi (the 'burro') never known by most people until now.

1924-1972 J. Edgar Hoover was the  Director of the 'Burro' (the fbi).

Hoover appointed me as Special Agent of the burro  in 1971 and I served until 1978.


Fbi letters of commendation were issued  to Special Agent GERAL W. SOSBEE:


In 1996 the history book of the fbi was published and featured many
patriotic men, some of whom were tested in battle on foreign soil and on the streets of America; one such individual was  Geral W. Sosbee (me) who served the USA (in both civilian and military capacities) with honor and in some instances the record indicates with distinction..

My military records:

From 1978 until this moment I have documented by incontrovertible evidence the complete, traitorous corruption of the burro, and I have shown first hand how the burro infects all law enforcement in this country with the burro's murderous &  inhumane culture, the hideous elements of which were propagated and shaped by the the sick mind of Hoover himself. He was a devilish tyrant and his evil truly lives on after him in the disturbed ranks of today's fbi.

For proof of the fbi's thorough corruption of all cops, prosecutors and judges (at all levels of government tripartite) and of the effects thereof on society see my Writ online and my  papers at

For specific data to support these comments see my sworn affidavits 2007 & 2014, my main website at and my thousands of reports online.

About me by courtesy of Mr. Cliff Huylebroeck

Finally, the word 'corrupt' does not adequately capture the actual bestial nature of the 'burro' today, but  maybe the phrase 'subhuman animals'  more accurately depicts the true character of burro agents, operatives,  street thugs, assassins and associates  who are employed (with the full knowledge of Congress & the courts/SCOTUS) by the fbi in open or in  covert roles throughout the USA. In the tradition of Hitler's Germany, the USA is an overthrown and illegal regime that threatens all Americans and, together with twin sibling cia, seeks world inhumane domination.

Thank you.

See also 'world in a box' at my main website.

After the above 'burro' report is posted the burro thugs enter my residence to engage in a little gaslighting (vandalism) in retaliation. This type of mind game is the fbi 'burro' forte in our nation and causes great suffering to many victims of fbi covert operations.


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See my follow up report here:

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