The American people are lost amid their own sea of blood


See my report on the disintegration of American Society as a police state assumes omnipotence.

With hardly a whimper of protest the subdued American populace permits the fbi and police to expand their torture, murder and assorted crime spree unprecedented in human affairs and unfolding right under our nose.
Therefore, I order the thugs of fbi, USPI, cops, judges, etc., to cease and desist their abominations and I indict the society of the USA for allowing in a most cowardly & heinous fashion the overthrow of this government by the subhumans in the police community.

I ask how a moral & just people can allow assassins in the fbi/MAFIA and their associates to rule as though they are the owners of our people and of our country:

Predicted confessions of fbi serial killers which also reflect the culpability of the general population :


See also my report on fbi's world in a box at :

The fbi/police deliver this message as a threat to each American:
We intend to kill, imprison, threaten, slander and torture you.

For more informatón see my main website and other reports. and

Thank you.


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Today, 4/15/16, the fbi sends their usual, apparent assassin (whose photo I previously posted)
to again assault me in the public library. This little man is quite the show as he repeatedly harasses me similar to the harassment of the previous fbi operative whom I describe as the beast and whose photo also is posted.

The crimes are intended to provoke a response, and a federal magistrate judge is ready to perform his crimes as may be needed.

Now, imagine the consequences if I were to report these crimes to the Brownsville Texas Police, especially Detective Adrian Posada:

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